The Logo

year of the poor logo - Copy

CRUCIFIX: The Crucified Lord, the center of all our engagement with, in, for and to the poor, gazing into us.  On His Cross, Jesus is always with us… stripped of His clothes, His dignity, His possessions, His power, His strength. By the poverty, Jesus saved us. He is fully with the unwashed, the oppressed, the scorned, the powerless, the miserable and the outcast. Jesus is calling us to SEE everyone as His beloveds… to look at each other the way He gazes into us.

The Man Colored in Red:  Red symbolizes “Blood” – sacrifice of Christ to give Life… of Redemption.  We are reminded that our strength and passion must always be towards “Life Giving… sharing of Love”

The Man coloured in Red is lower than the Man coloured in Blue, signifies the last, least and the lost – the poor.  Though in poverty, the poor has same dignity with the Man coloured in Blue and also has the capacity to share Life and Love… (“No one is so poor that he cannot give…”)

The Man Coloured in Blue: Blue symbolizes “Royalty”, of riches and Service to God and godly living.  It also signifies “Light” – Hope.  We are reminded that God in His Royalty gives us the perfect model of Service.  And all of us are called to Serve God through our neighbours.  We must be the Light to others.

The Man Coloured in Blue is higher (elevated) than of the Man coloured in Red, represents those who are well-off, the powerful.  Yet in their abundance the rich are reminded that all what they have are coming from God and they are commanded to share and to be generous… an act of gratefulness to the giver of graces – God.  The “rich” are being challenged to share their gifts especially to the “poor”.  (“the more you have, the more is expected from you.”)

Man coloured in Red and Blue “LOOKING UP TO JESUS” that forms a heart symbolizes people’s compassion to follow Jesus and the commitment to be in solidarity with all to DO JUSTICE AND LOVE KINDNESS (Micah 6:8).  Justice as the “right relationships… restoration of what is due to all, not only of the majority…  It challenges us to be in correct relationship with God and our neighbour.  “Love of neighbour, grounded in the love of God.