January 16, 2015 – Pope Francis Speech in Malacañang

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One Response to January 16, 2015 – Pope Francis Speech in Malacañang

  1. The speech of Pope Francis is like listening to our Jesus Christ . You get the feeling of Jesus is coming and is reminding us of HIS teachings in detaching ourselves to worldly things that is causing us forget of our love for HIM, love of the poor and the oppressed . When the second coming will happen, all of us will be held accountable . Pope Francis message on the family is very basic of society . if family is taken cared , the values , norms is made the right way, we will have a society that Jesus Christ has planned for us . The speech of Pope Francis is like witnessing the coming of Jesus Christ the first time , when HE suffered and died for our sins . When one listens to HIS speech, he reminds of our shortcomings, our sins, and our ingratitude to Jesus Christ . He reminds us to prepare in saving our souls not today, or tomorrow but yesterday to prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ .


    Ed Baluyut
    January 17, 2015 at 12:57 am

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