Former scavenger to inspire IEC pilgrims with personal story

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Maria Georgina “Maggie” Cogtas (photo from her Facebook account)

Maria Georgina “Maggie” Cogtas  (photo from her Facebook account)

CEBU City, Jan. 25, 2016 – An AB Psychology graduate is expected to inspire delegates of the ongoing 51st International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) in Cebu on Jan. 29 with her rise from poverty and experience as a former neglected child and scavenger.

“It is in our brokenness that we are able to share with others and in the process allow the healing of our past and renew our connection with God,” said Maria Georgina “Maggie” Cogtas.

According to the Cebuana, the Lord allows people to be broken for them to learn the importance of giving.

Cogtas is one of several people set to give their testimonies on the sixth day of the international gathering.  She will immediately follow the catechesis of His Eminence, Abuja Archbishop John Cardinal Onaiyekan, DD: “ The Eucharist: Dialogue with the Poor and the Suffering.”

She said she aims to correct the mistaken view that poverty is limited to not having enough material wealth, but it also includes the experience of rejection and indifference.

She noted the poor feel poorer when they know they have no one to care for them, and feel unwanted and left out.

“What hurts the most is when you feel you do not belong,” she explained.

Cogtas expressed confidence IEC delegates have much to learn from her testimony.

“We can use our brokenness to grow. We may have bitter experiences in the past, but from it we can become positive in life,” she said.

The chairman of Dilaab Foundation, Fr. Carmelo Diola and its executive director, Tess Tejero sent Cogtas to the University of Cebu (UC) where she graduated on Oct. 19, 2015 at the top of her class.(Raymond A. Sebastián / CBCP News with reports from Elias O. Baquero)

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