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Love, prayer, and Our Blessed Mother

Veronica and Rafael Dy-Liacco Simple Gifts OUR journey back to God, together as a married couple, began most clearly after what my husband now refers to as his conversion. It happened at the point in his academic career when he seemed to be moving away from faith and belief at the highest speed. Always intense […]

Ruel Aguirre Dumela                                                          BEFORE anything else, allow me to point two major things about myself.  First, I love to eat. The thought of food excites me. It […]

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Fr. Jose Ernil Almayo, OAR Just Inspired   IT all started long time ago in a far, far away place called Jerusalem when the Jesus’ last meal with his core group called apostles took place. That meal came to be known as “Last Supper” (though, like the term “Trinity”, it does not exist in the […]

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