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Archbishop of Singapore: Lent, reconciliation with God to overcome the emptiness of life

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SINGAPORE, Mar 3, 2017–The Archbishop of Singapore, William Goh, sent the faithful the traditional pastoral letter for Lent. Exhorting the faithful to question the “void that can not explain” in their lives, Msgr. Goh encourages them to seek reconciliation with God, to repentance and forgiveness. This, according to the archbishop, is the way to happiness and peace. The sense of loss that is felt in life is due to the “bad habits” that “destroy not only our health, but they take away our peace, joy and happiness.”

He lists some examples: “You’re living a double life. Are you living a life of sin, a life of infidelity, betrayal, dispute and negativity towards people. It depends on anger, envy, laziness and greed, as well as lust. You would like to free yourself from the sins that hold you back, but you do not have the strength to confess and start all over again. ”

“This is the best time to return to God and find peace,” because “all his children are called to God’s goodness.” According to Msgr. Goh, Jesus was sent to help us understand that, overcoming the temptations, we can live in God’s grace.

God wants us to know that we are forgiven, says the archbishop, because this knowledge is required to forgive others. “Receiving the full pardon presupposes that we confess our sins and explicitly acknowledge that we are sinners.”

“The result of contrition of heart and repentance is the reward of joy and peace” which manifests itself in prayer and rediscover the joy of faith in God’s life.

According to Msgr. Goh, the magnitude of Lent is in not walk alone: ​​”We need our brothers and Borelli to accompany us on the journey of faith.”

“How could we conduct our way except by using the ways of grace that are granted?”

The prelate lists what he considers the three pillars of Lent, “the prayer, almsgiving and penance”: the first, he said the archbishop, is a necessary tool to conversion; penance protect us from being slaves to sin; through almsgiving “we learn to open our hearts to the suffering of others and in the process, to meet the mercy that God wants to give us. The poor often reveals the face of God and gives us a joy that money can not buy. ”

In conclusion, Msgr. Goh said that “Lent is a period of grace” wrong corners, and exhorts the faithful to undertake “together in this journey of 40 days to the Promised Land.” (AsiaNews)

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