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Archbishop of Bangalore opens first family counseling

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BANGALORE, Feb 24, 2017–Msgr. Bernard Moras, Archbishop of Bangalore (Karnataka), opened the first family planning clinics of the local Church. He explained that the initiative stems from “deep concern about the growing number of Catholics who choose to live together and underestimate the sanctity of the institution of marriage”.

The service offered by the archdiocese will also serve to rebuild family ties increasingly in crisis in the world today. The archbishop added: “Even after a long period of training, the priests may have the crisis and seek the support of a spiritual guide, or someone who can give them advice. Similarly, families may be in the same state of need “.

Specifically, 20 experts with professional training have gathered in the premises of Paalanaa Bhavana, the archdiocese’s pastoral center. For six months they have discussed and planned how to offer their skills to couples in crisis, helping the couple to reconcile.

According to Msgr. Moras, the clinic is the concrete answer to the Plenary Assembly of Catholic Bishops of India, recently met, who has decided to focus precisely on the resolution of family issues. “Also Pope Francesco – adds – in the Synod of Bishops on the 2015 family has stressed the need to protect families from disintegration and discord. As the Archdiocese feel the need to protect the sacrament of marriage and the family in a society that continues to change and tends to damage the family. “The most obvious consequence of family breakdown is the increase in causes of matrimonial annulment. This, according to the bishop, is also due to the shallowness of the pre-marriage courses. “Unfortunately – he concludes – often the nuns and priests are reluctant to provide in terms of sexual life or teachings appropriate guidelines or relationships between spouses. The current two-day course is not enough, if we consider all the challenges and difficulties that couples face in marriage.” (AsiaNews)

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