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The life agendum

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Like the pastoral letter that was read in parishes nationwide a few Sundays ago, the Walk for Life that was held at the Quirino Grandstand last Saturday has generated thousands of bashers and trolls in social media. As usual these online haters–or propagandists, if you may–did not care a bit what the issue was all about. They have prepared attack lines that are reloaded over and over again as if from an armory of sorts. That was why most of their attack lines were indiscriminate and out of the mark.

Here, for instance, are some of the attack lines: the Catholic Church or the CBCP is an attack dog of the “mga dilawan” which is a euphemism of the past “yellow” administration–which is false, of course; the Catholic Church is avenging the closure order given to some twenty seven or so mining companies, implying that the Church has a stake in the mining business–which is false, because the Church, being a staunch environment advocate, even hailed the decision of the DENR Secretary. And there are the usual expletives and accusations: hypocrites, Padre Damaso, and Child molesters, among many more.

One of the Catholic Church’s overarching agenda is life. She will not compromise this. History will tell that the Catholic Church has never been silenced even by relentless bashing or persecution when the issue of life is at stake. This agendum is tremendously larger than the present administration and will definitely outlast any political interest or movement.

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