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Seoul Archdiocese to vastly expand Radio Vatican’s Korean service

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SEOUL, Feb 10, 2017–Korean Catholics will surely make their “ears attentive to wisdom” when Seoul Archdiocese establishes the first Radio Vatican branch outside the Vatican in the Korean capital.

The archdiocese will take charge of running the Korean version of Radio Vatican so local Catholics can hear news from the Vatican and around the world faster and more accurately.

Currently, the Korean version of Radio Vatican translates about 30 percent of the broadcast into Korean. The new service will raise that to 90 percent and offer a video-on-demand service.

Father Matthias Hur Young-yup, communications director of the archdiocese, will take director role, Father Damasus Jeong Ui-chul, rector of Pontifical Korean College and Father Simon Kim Nam-kyun, studying in Rome, will represent the branch.

Currently, the archdiocese is preparing a memorandum of understanding with Radio Vatican which will be signed in late February.

The Korean version of Radio Vatican was established in 2015. The Korean branch operated with support from the Korean Embassy in the Vatican, the Korean government, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea and Seoul Archdiocese.

“In an era of rapid and mass communication in real time, it is meaningful to offer news from the Vatican in Korea rightly and rapidly,” Father Hur said.

“News from the Vatican includes messages from Pope Francis and it will be delivered to the Korean faithful more accurately and consistently,” he added. (UCAN)

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