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Marikina parish to help out-of-school youth get jobs

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MANILA, Feb. 1, 2017 – The Immaculate Concepcion parish in Marikina will launch a program to help out-of-school youth land jobs, said Fr. Dari Dioquino, assistant parish priest.

The program will try to assist some 5, 000 out-of-school youth under the parish find employment, he said.
According to the priest, many kinds of job await the applicants.

The parish has partnered with a cooperative engaged in job placement to facilitate the process. Employers have since expressed support for the project.

The program, which seeks to ease poverty among depressed communities under the parish, and keep them drug-free, is run by the parish Social Service Ministry and other volunteers.

The said social project is not the only one initiated by the parish to address the needs of society’s marginalized sectors.

The parish’s feeding program, which was launched to help Marikina’s poor families provide their children with good nutrition, marked its first year last January, Dioquino said.

Hundreds of children from across Marikina have benefited from the feeding program.

Dioquino, who served as priest-in-charge of Kanlungan ni Maria – Home for the Aged in Antipolo, also sourced school supplies from generous individuals for less fortunate school children in Barcelona, Sorsogon last year. (Oliver Samson / CBCPNews)

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