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Church will not be silent amid killings — Archbishop

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Archbishop Ramon Arguelles of Lipa (Maria Tan/CBCPNews)

BAGAC, Bataan, Jan. 20, 2017–The Church with all its imperfections and weaknesses will continue to teach the Gospel of life, a Catholic archbishop said.

Archbishop Ramon Arguelles of Lipa said the Church is imperfect because nobody is yet a perfect copy of Jesus but clergymen have a crucial role to play for their flock.

“Churchmen are not perfect. Nevertheless, they are supposed to proclaim what is right and proper even if they themselves fall short of what they teach,” Arguelles said.

“The fault of some should not be blamed on all,” added the prelate.

The archbishop was responding to President Rodrigo Duterte’s fresh attack on the Catholic hierarchy for criticizing his “war on drugs” which claimed more 6,200 lives in nearly six months.

The outspoken chief executive said the bishops have no moral ascendancy to criticize his administration because of their supposed failure to address problems within their ranks.

Arguelles compared the Church’s moral teachings to a sick doctor, who is still expected to cure the sick.

“Even a sick doctor must still try to cure ailments of others, and, of course, his too,” said Arguelles.

But the prelate stressed this should not be seen as the Church defending those who committed wrongdoings.

He said the Church is determined to police its ranks and will continue to express indignation and sanction erring priests.

“Bishops and priests, who hide serious misdeeds, are harming the Church by their infidelities. If anyone has concrete evidence of misdeed, the authorities better know it and clean the ranks,” said Arguelles.

Several bishops spoke against the continuing rise of summary killings in the country this week as the Philippines hosted the 4th World Apostolic Congress on Mercy. (CBCPNews)

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