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Cardinal Tagle: Why is there no hope for the lost?

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Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle visits the residents of the Manila City Jail, March 23, 2016. (Maria Tan/CBCPNews)

MANILA, Dec. 24, 2016— Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila urged the faithful to open their hearts to the less fortunate, and even to those “who have gone astray”.

The cardinal used his Christmas message to lament the growing culture of “hatred and revenge” among Filipinos instead of offering ample room for compassion and forgiveness.

“Why is there no room for hope for those who have gone astray but much space for condemnation by the self-righteous?” Tagle asked.

The church official is urging Christians to think Christmas about “hospitality” in its widest sense, exploring what the term means in today’s context.

“No room at the inn” is a central theme of his Christmas message this year, as he encouraged everyone to reach out to others, especially the poor and the needy, with the warmth of the Lord.

Christmas, according to him, is a reminder of hospitality denied by people but reversed by the merciful hospitality offered by God.

As Filipinos and as members of the human family, Cardinal Tagle said there’s a need to ask: “Why is there room for a new television set or the latest gadget but not for another child in the family? Why is ‘rugby’ for sniffing available but not affordable nutritious food? Why are vices within reach of young people while education seems unattainable? Why are guns and other weapons more accessible than decent jobs?”

“Why is there room for profit but little empathy for victims of human trafficking, unfair labor practices, abuse and violence and for wounded creation? Why is there room for hostile despair but little for tender hope? Why is there room for destroying lives but minute space for saving them? What has happened to hospitality?”

“Let us welcome Jesus in the hungry, thirsty, homeless, sick, naked and prisoners so that one day we may enjoy the hospitality of God, ‘Come, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you,’” he said.” (CBCPNews)

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