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A new normal

Oscar. V. Cruz, DD
Views and Points


Oscar V. Cruz, DDSomething new in the Philippines is becoming something normal as well. This is anything but a secret herein in the country—notwithstanding the Rule of Reason and the Mandate of Ethics, the fundamental feature of Natural Law and the consequent key provision of the Philippine Constitution itself to the contrary. It became a blatant reality but some months ago—something new. But not really long thereafter, it slowly but surely emerged as expected day and night event—something normal. Strictly speaking, “New Normal” is not automatically wrong. But then, if it is contrary to the basic dictate of sound reason such as when individuals are presumed guilty unless proven innocent—this in fact is abnormal.

Although it is basically the same reality—the common denominator of which is killing people—it is by and large called “Extrajudicial killing”. Translations: Nonchalantly gunned down. Lives done away as a matter of course. Spontaneous and instant de facto death sentences. Dead bodies taped and thrown by the sidewalks. Wrapped and sacked corpses found here and there. Mutilated bodies found in dirty boxes, stuck in this and that old luggage. Conclusions: Human lives are cheap. Human rights are things of the past. Counting dead human bodies day and night is a matter of course. This is “Normal”.

While unsaid, though the making, trading and use of forbidden drugs are all taboo, killing those involved therein as a matter of course is neither praiseworthy. The flagrant truth however stands that those high ranking public officials identified with big graft and huge corrupt practices are much worse for duping dutiful tax payers and thus grossly denying public welfare to the already poor and even miserable people. Yet they continue to be revered and even free to enjoy their stolen wealth. But just in case they are caught, they are accorded all the possible remedies provided by law such as hiring the best lawyers, simply placed under house/hospital arrest, treated with reverence and respect—while their gross offenses goes on and on without end.

But then anybody but suspected of prohibited drug trade and/or use is ipso facto condemned to death without reservation and accordingly gunned down without remorse. Never mind the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Everybody whose name is mentioned in the illegal drug circle is already in the death list. Never mind the principle of due process. Anybody and everybody linked with the business and/or consumption of forbidden drugs are as good as de facto corpses. And never mind the basic human right to life. Drugs automatically equal death. The Justice System is irrelevant, passé. The objective truth never mind. Due process—what is that?

So it is that the “New Normal” is that human life is in fact cheap. Killing these and those people is a matter of course. Getting rid of human existence day in and day out is the in thing. In other words: Human life is cheap. Killing people is the rule. Selling-buying-using drugs equals death. But graft and corruption practitioners, hold-uppers and swindlers, stealing and raping, trafficking women and children—never mind. All these downright anti-social and anti-human crimes incarnate can wait, can be explained, can even be forgotten.

“Thou shall not kill.” What is that?

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