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Gambling as an impulse control disorder

Oscar. V. Cruz, DD
Views and Points


Oscar V. Cruz, DDThe well-known and often-quoted “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”, 4th Ed., APA, has a Section on Impulse Control Disorders”, one of which is specifically called “Pathological Gambling”. This gambling fixation is in effect equals unquenchable avarice, which in practically all cases eventually ends up in the obsessive desire of more and more gambling ventures. This ever-needing and wanting more and more money is what makes the gambler receptive of practically all recourses from any source through means precisely in order to finance his obsessive gambling venture. This is when pathological gambling goes to the extent of salivating for more and more money on account of eventually more and more gambling losses. After all is said and done, the gambler ends up the loser and the gambling institutions like Casinos rake in the money—as usual. One has still to know of classy Casinos ending up the losers.

Persistent pre-occupation with gambling, with everything else in life thereto subordinated. Continuous need to gamble with more money and more excitement. Repeated unsuccessful intentions or resolves to stop gambling. Irritability or restlessness when attempting to do away with gambling. Gambling as a way of escaping problems and pacifying anxieties. Gambling to win back the money previously lost but instead eventually losing more money.

Customary lying to the family, to employers and friends about one’s gambling addiction. Dependence on others—any one, anyhow, anytime—to have money for more gambling due to more gambling losses. Commission of illegal acts to effectively finance the vice of gambling, to give in to the addiction to gambling. Such is Pathological Gambling.

Given the above more salient psycho-pathological disposition and consequent behavioral pattern brought about by the obsession to gamble, there is something that should be well-thought of and duly acted upon, now that there is a new national government—considering that the avid self-admiring past administration has bequeathed to the Country no less than thirty-five (35) luxurious Casinos all over the land in line with its infamous and tiring hurrah of “Matuwid na Daan”.

There is the certainty—not simply possibility—that pathological gamblers always need more and more money precisely in order to finance their unquenchable gambling addiction. So it is that there is also the practical imperative to check the following: The big possibility that such inveterate gamblers are thus involved as well in the big drug menace in the Philippines that is precisely the underlying cause of the now obtaining lawlessness in the Country. In other words, considering that the quest for money is the prime motor of illegal drugs and that pathological gambling is synonymous with the quest for money—would the public authorities concerned with illegal drug production and sale like to check those immersed in the pathological gambling if the latter are connected with drug dealers such that the former are in effect their drug providers for distribution and sale?

Politicians and gangsters, professionals and hoodlums, businessmen and cheats – there are known pairings of such individuals for mutual benefits. Why not pathological gamblers and illegal drug promoters whereby the former sell what the latter have to offer? There are illegal drug connections among public officials and police officers. There are illegal drug searches in practically any neighborhood. Why not try looking for verifiable illegal drug connections among inveterate gamblers and illegal drug providers?

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