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Research colloquium on ‘The Gospel in Digital Society’ set at UST

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MANILA, Sept. 22, 2016— The Social-Pastoral Communication program of the University of Santo Tomas Graduate School and the UST Faculty of Sacred Theology will be holding a research colloquium at the Thomas Aquinas Research Complex from 1:00pm to 5:00pm on October 27.

The colloquium is titled “The Gospel in Digital Society: Asian Realities and Challenges” that will feature researches of the faculty and students of UST Graduate School’s Social-Pastoral Communication program and the UST Faculty of Sacred Theology.

Seeing the rise of the digital world and the emergence of social media, the Church is challenged to search for God in it and to probe the quality relationships made with it – whilst upholding primacy of direct and personal relationships.

The colloquium will also consider pastoral situations in Asia and will try to reflect on the impact of ‘digitalization’ on the faith of people.

Fr. Anthony Le Duc, SVD, will be delivering the introductory presentation to shed light on the concept of Cyber Theology. He holds a doctorate in Religious Studies from Thailand’s Assumption University.

Other presentations of the staff and students of the program are: Sharing Faith in a Digital World: Catechesis and Religious ‘Instruction’; The Marketplace of Apps and the Church; Between Digital and Spiritual Reality: Is God Online or Offline; Social Communication in Pastoral Ministry: From Hierarchy to Networks; Church Documents on “New Media” and their ‘Messages’; and Radio ‘Streaming’ A New Way of Communicating.

Church communicators, priests, seminarians, media personnel, communication students, and those interested in the field of Pastoral Communication may register online via or send an e-mail to on or before October 24. Participants may also contact 732-7170 (Kenneth Rayco) or 09161438490 (Marcelo Yap) for other details.

This research colloquium is organized in cooperation with the St. Joseph Freinademetz Communication Center. (Vince Henry M. Salles)

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