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Robbed Panama family shares WYD ‘mercy story’

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Rebeca, Rigoberto, and their baby Sarah Fernandez at World Youth Day Krakow (Photo: Shirley Paynor)

KRAKOW, Poland, July 31, 2016 – A family from the country hosting the next World Youth Day (WYD) in 2019 shared their own mercy story of when they got robbed on their way to WYD Krakow.

Rebeca, Rigoberto, and their baby Sarah Fernandez were robbed of their money, luggage, and phones at a train station in Germany on July 24. With practically only the clothes on their backs left, they headed for the nearest police station and resorted to social media to appeal for help.

It would not take long before Ana Gracia, a Polish woman living in Germany would respond and link up the Fernandezes to Maria, another Polish woman living in Poland. Maria helped the family get accommodation, food, and secure their ticket back to Panama.

“God helped us…[He] opened the door everywhere. Giving us food, people really nice so we are really happy,” shared Rebeca in an interview with YouthPinoy.

According to her, people were helping with translation, providing food, and everything else they needed.

Despite the less-than-ideal experience, Rebeca, who joined WYD Madrid in 2011 as a single person, recommends joining the biggest Catholic youth gathering in the world to everyone – even families.

I recommend coming here… Like everyone should come, even with a baby, as a family. It doesn’t matter,” she added.

“I know from my heart, God [sent a] message to me to attend in World Youth Day Poland,” she said.

WYD concluded today with a Mass celebrated by Pope Francis at Campus Misericordiae, the site of the WYD Papal Vigil. (Shirley Paynor/CBCPNews)

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