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Cubao hosts local WYD

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Delegates of the Diocese of Cubao's World Youth Day Lokal (Photo: Michael Dalogdog)

CUBAO, Quezon City, July 30, 2016 – As hundreds of thousands of young people in Krakow, Poland prepare for the World Youth Day (WYD) Vigil with Pope Francis, the Diocese of Cubao joins in the celebration half way around the world today with a local WYD at the Holy Family Parish Kamias Quezon City.

The Diocese organized two celebrations, one at the Vicariate of the Holy Family today, July 30, Saturday and a second part one, tomorrow, July 31, at National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in Quezon City.

“We proposed it for those who not be able to go to Poland but want to experience World Youth Day. So [with] the Vicariate of the Holy Family and Vicariate of St. Joseph, we decided to come together and form a simple, meaningful, and prayerful celebration of the WYD Lokal,” said Allan Robinson one of the members of Young Ambassadors for Christ from the Shrine of Divine Word Christ the King Seminary SVD in this city.

According to him, the delegates will learn more about 4 topics:

  • human trafficking,
  • chastity
  • vocation
  • prayer

Underpinning these four things are:

  • prayer
  • love
  • mercy
  • compassion

The devotion to the Blessed Virgin is also emphasized throughout the said youth activity.

When asked how she prepared for this event, Jamaica from Parish of the Lord Divine Mercy, said she blocked her schedule to go to the local WYD celebration and she makes sure the day is a time for reflection and prayerful.

Patrick, a foreign delegate from France from the Jesus of Nazareth Parish, said he is “really impressed” with the Filipino youth who have a “very strong faith and desire to know God.”

The program ends with the celebration of the Holy Mass presided over by Fr. Dennis Soriano, parish priest of Our Lady of Pentecost Parish. (Michael Dalogdog/CBCPNews)

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