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Fr. Francis Ongkingco


SYNCHING is now a very important procedure for millions of Netizens who depend on the Internet for storing crucial information like phone contacts, emails, office documents and even for saving their progress and scores in games like Crossy Road, Plant vs. Zombies or Subway Surfers, etc.

In one click the data and revised information in one’s computer, tablet or smartphone are simultaneously updated into the Cloud. This gives so much security in case one’s device crashes, is lost or sadly stolen.

I was surprised, however, to chat with a friend who used the term synching in a rather unique way.


* * *

“I’m sorry I’m late, Father. I was in the chapel synching some things.”

“Synching? Did you say synching, Fred?”

“Yup, I make it a point to do that often.”

“I know what you mean. It would be a nightmare to lose all my contact numbers,” I said.

“Oh, I meant I was synching things out with Jesus,” he clarified.

“Synching with Jesus? That’s new, Fred.”

“It’s my way of describing my spiritual life, Father,” he pulled out his phone and set it in silent mode.

“Like how?”

“If we regularly synch contacts, update a things-to-do list and review corporate goals or plans, then I realized I should also synch my spiritual life regularly and effectively.”

“That’s very interesting. How do you do that?”

“For example I spiritually synch contacts by having a list of people to pray for daily. Top of my list are Pope Francis, my wife and kids, relatives and others I know who are in need of some spiritual helping hand.”

“And the things-to-do list?”

“That refers to my daily resolutions formulated the previous day. I synch myself by examining how I have carried them out so far, Father.”
“Wow! You’ve just re-packaged synching in a very interesting way, Fred,” I was impressed with this young spiritual CEO.

“It’s really nothing, Father. It’s disappointing, however, that so many forget to synch every day with Jesus,” he frowned.

“That’s so true. How often we take for granted these little daily invisible treasures to deal with the Lord. But that’s why you’re there to help others, like me, to see and live our spiritual enterprise in a more meaningful way.”

“Sometimes, however, I get a bit discouraged because I don’t seem to progress despite my synching method with Jesus,” Fred confided.
“But it is still a wonderful spiritual exercise that never fails to revitalize our souls. What we must try to avoid is getting too attached to our expectations and the outcome of our efforts. We have to give Jesus some space to do what He knows best for us.”

“I’m glad you said that, Father,” Fred grinned with satisfaction.

“I think that’s pretty much how the spiritual life has to work, Fred.”

“Yup,” he nodded in agreement.

“Fred, I’m just curious. What do you do to pull yourself out of un-synched moments?”

“I look at our Lord and I seem to hear Him saying, “I’m always synching of you!”

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