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Temptations: Till death do us part

Fr. Wilfredo Samson, SJ


“TILL death do us part!” are the words promised by young couples to each other on their wedding day. But these words are the devil’s words to us too … ” I will never stop tempting you, TILL DEATH DO US PART.” Indeed, the devil will never stop tempting us for the rest of our life, until we fall into his lair and deceit. The devil envies and hates us so much for we are so LOVED AND FORGIVEN BY GOD, while he remains in hell forever with his unrepentant heart and deeply rooted anger, vengeance, and confusion. And so the devil will never stop trying to take us away from God … till death do us part. The devil will never stop thinking of great plans to deceive us. He knows our weaknesses and will take advantage of them to deceive us. His temptation will always come from our common worldly desire: wealth, power, and honor.

Here are three common lies that the devil loves to tell:

  1. Sin is obsolete. Sin is a thing of the past. It is already irrelevant and obsolete. The devil will tell us: Do what you want. You deserve it. Enjoy everything. Think of yourself. Ignore others for they are also selfish. Grab anything in front of you. There is no such thing as sin. We control our life. Don’t let others and God control your life. BUT THESE ARE BIG LIES! How do we deal with our guilt, confusion, and sadness when we have offended God and others? We are being deceived by the devil who knows nothing but hatred.
  2. We are immortal. We are Superman and Superwoman! We are forever powerful like God as long as we are rich, powerful, and famous. Don’t think of dying or getting old. You’re too young to think of death. Just grab everything and enjoy it. What counts is what you possess. Money can buy everything. BUT THESE ARE BIG LIES! We are mortals. We come closer to our death everyday. One of these days, we will be six feet under the ground. This is a reality that we need to remind ourselves always. Don’t be a fool and be easily deceived.


  4. Instant, quick fixes and shortcuts are good. Sacrifice, long processes, and long waits are only for the weak people. Why wait and make sacrifices, if you can get everything now? Why endure pain when we can avoid it? Why carry the cross when you can run away from it? BUT THESE ARE BIG LIES! There is wisdom in waiting, sacrifice, and self-denial. Most of our regrets, failures, and frustrations are the results of choosing short cuts, quick fixes, and instant solutions. But most of our genuine happiness and lasting victories in life are by-products of our painful sacrifices, hard work, and long waiting. The devil knows no vacation. He will never stop tempting us, until we fall into his traps. Be aware of his traps and deceits. Be vigilant and pray to God for protection against the devil and his alluring temptations. DON’T BE FOOLED AND LAUGHED AT BY THE DEVIL. He is the father of lies and deceits. And he will always whisper into your ears, “Till death do us part.”

A PRAYER: Dear God, You know my weaknesses, and the devil knows them well. Give me the necessary strength to overcome my inclination to wealth, power, and glory. Give me the eyes to see the deceit of the evil spirit. Expose to me his evil traps. Give me the patience to wait and persevere in all my trials. Deliver me from the temptations of wealth, power and honor. O Lord, I cannot resist them without your grace and power. Help me Lord, and save me. Amen.

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