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Marriage covenant

Oscar. V. Cruz, DD

Views and Points


IN the realm of truth, in the sphere of justice and in the domain of peace, marriage is nothing less than a really serious and truly sacred pact between a man and a woman whereby they establish between their two selves, one and only spousal  partnership for a lifetime.  By its very nature, the said unique bonding is ordained for the good and well-being of the spouse themselves plus the procreation, upbringing and the formation of the children they brought into the world.  The said triad– man and woman, marriage covenant, children– equals the human family.

So it is that marriage is definitely very much more than a mere contact– plain understanding, a mere agreement, a simple consensus– no matter how elaborate, how sincere and pleasing it could be.  It has the spirit and implications of a Blood Compact between a man and a woman thus making marriage some kind of a really serious and truly noble bonding for a lifetime between two individuals who emerge as but one consummate and hallowed pairing.  In fact, marriage is not only two-in- one but also many-in- one with the emergence of a family.

Being thus more noble than but just being a mere contract or an agreement, much more serious than simply an accord or a conformity, marriage is thus nothing less than a “Covenant” i.e., a sacred vow, a solemn oath, a lifetime bonding.  It is thus insoluble not simply because it is a oneness, it is a union but also a communion between a man and a woman as husband and wife and eventually as father and mother, as grandfather and grandmother until one or both of them are gone to an even better life hereafter and beyond.

So it is that an honest to goodness marital bonding between a man and a woman does not accept someone else, much less other parties that in effect means one with someone else or two with others that simply means and rightfully spells adultery — breaking the bond, doing away with the union and communion, junking the marriage as an inconvenience.  The husband and the wife are two, with each other giving his/her whole person to the other that thus makes them united in thinking and acting.  It is a one-to-one relationship that makes an exclusive composite of two-selves into one whole.  The moment the said exclusivity is done away with, then the Compact is betrayed, the Covenant is violated, the Communion is dissolved.  And when this comes about, the husband, the wife and the children are in effect all losers.

The reality and implications of bonding applied to marriage in effect mean a consummate and life-long unifying phenomenon– neither simply putting up a relationship nor merely setting up a loose partnership.  So it is that getting married without really wanting it, getting married in but one’s own terms, getting married when either or both parties is/are precisely incapacitated for marriage intents and purposes– anyone of such a liability ipso facto equals non-marriage.  Let it be openly said wherefore in all sincerity and candor that the Marriage Covenant is not meant for all– in the same way that not all are meant for marriage.  So sad yet so true.

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