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A Prayer to Let Go and Move On

Fr. Wilfredo Samson, SJ



A Prayer After the National Elections

Dear God,
the election is finally over.
We have discerned and voted our candidates.
We have made our choice and prayed for them.
But after casting our votes, we place our trust in You.
We are not in control of the results; we need to let go of them.
Our country, as a nation, has already made a decision.
Let us trust the decision of the majority, whatever is the result,
For we do believe that the voice of the majority is the voice of God.

Today, we pray, that all candidates will seek the good of the nation,
and not for the good of themselves – for them to let go if they lost,
and to give their full trust and support to the winners of this election.

We pray for all of us too, the voters, to set aside our differences and biases, as well as our resentment and disgust over each others’ choice and the way we voted. Let mutual respect and resignation to the WILL OF GOD be our guiding values now. It is all over. Time to MOVE ON and REBUILD our country towards unity and progress.

We pray for the LOSING CANDIDATES and supporters. To be humble enough to let go of their frustrations and be humble enough to accept the will of God. They gave a good fight. We thank and respect theml. But we pray that they humbly abide to the will of God as manifested by the result of the elections.

O God, there are spots of violence, cheating, and attempts to disrupt this generally peaceful and honest election. Intervene now. Protect us with your angels. Never allow such evil attempts to destabilize our beautiful country.

And for ALL OF US, we earnestly pray for support for all our newly-elected leaders. For respect the decision of the majority. To honestly pray for all winners. That God may bless them with humility, wisdom, and dedication to serve our country. We are tired of promises. We want action and change for our country.

O Lord, You are the source of Good and Wise Leaders.
Let them have FEAR OF THE LORD in their hearts.
Let them have the WISDOM OF SOLOMON in their minds.
Let them have the STRENGTH OF KING DAVID in their hands.
Let them have the LOVE OF JESUS in their whole being.

We want better leaders now.
We are tired of poverty, war, and chaos.
We want peace, progressm and unity in our nation.
Bless our new Leaders with your Holy Spirit.

Election Day is over. It’s time to move on
and heal our wounded hearts and ego.
We may not understand God’s ways,
But He works in mysterious ways.

Time to let go and give our full support
to all the winners of this election.
May God bless them all.

May God bless our NATION!


– Pitik-Bulag

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” – Jeremiah 29:11

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