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Discern and vote well for our children

Fr. Wilfredo Samson, SJ



This Monday, May 9, 2016, we shall troop to our polling precincts to cast our votes. Many of us have made up our minds whom to vote for president and vice president. But some remain confused and undecided.

What about you? Have you made up your mind? The candidates have already presented their platforms for our country, and their plans for you. Consider them in your discernment and prayer. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to the best candidates.

Start DISCERNING AND CHOOSE NOW. Never go to the polling places undecided. NEVER choose a candidate when you’re already in your polling place. Please RESPECT YOUR COUNTRY. Our children deserves GOOD AND HONEST LEADERS.

But our country also NEEDS GOOD AND RESPONSIBLE VOTERS. The country’s future is in your hands. This is our opportunity to choose the right leaders. Choose well. Never sell your vote. Never allow others to choose for you.

Set aside your own biases and prejudices. Pray and discern well. Listen to your conscience and to your values. Know our country’s issues and concerns. Vote for someone who can respond to the challenges of our times.

Get your pen and make a list now. We shall vote the following:

President: ________________________
Vice-President: _____________________
12 Senators: ________________________
1 District Representative ________________
1 Party List Representative _______________________
Mayor and Vice Mayor: ___________________________
Municipal Officials _____________________

The winning president and vice president will have six years to lead the country. This is something that we need to consider seriously. Nasa huli ang pagsisisi. VOTE CORRECTLY. VOTE FROM YOUR CONSCIENCE. Never allow others to tell you what to do. Guided by your own wisdom, DECIDE FOR YOURSELF. Never go to the polling places without a list – ILISTA MO NANG MAAYOS.

I do not know your choices now. All of us are free to choose. You know what’s best for our country. Discern and vote wisely. You have your own criteria of what’s good for us. Use them well now. I do not know your preferred candidates, but as long as your choices came from your careful and well thought of discernment … I am at peace. Okay na ako dito.

Ayoko lang na pupunta ka sa presinto nang hindi mo alam kung sino ang iboboto mo. At sasabihin mo sa akin, “Bahala na si Batman. Sa presinto na lang ako pipili ng aking mga iboboto.”

At kung meron ka mang pinili na, hindi naman sana ito nanggaling sa … “Wala lang. Siya lang ang gusto ko. Feel ko lang siya. Kutob ko siya ang dapat.”


Walang perpektong kandidato sa linya ng ating mga pagpipilian. Lahat sila ay may pagkukulang. Lahat may bahid ng kamalian at kakulangan. Lahat ay may dungis. Pero, nandiyan na yan … CHOOSE THE BEST. At saka na lang natin tulungan ang ating mga lider – kung sino man ang manalo. MAY THE BEST CANDIDATES WIN, BUT I WILL DEFINITELY GIVE ALL MY SUPPORT TO THE WINNERS.

Lagi nating sinasabi na kasalanan ng ating mga lider kung bakit nagkaganito ang ating bayan. Pero, hindi ba dapat din nating sabihin … TAYO ANG PUMILI SA KANILA. KAYA DAPAT DIN NATING SISIHIN ANG ATING SARILI SA KALAGAYAN NG ATING BAYAN.

Goodluck sa ating lahat. Bayan ang nakataya sa botohan na ito. Maging seryoso ka naman … KAHIT NGAYON LANG.

– Pitik-Bulag

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