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Abp. Oscar. V. Cruz, DD

Views and Points


WHILE it is a big fallacy and a grave insult to reason and ethics, to say that politics is for politicians with political interests and consequent political agenda is a consummate superfluity particularly in the Philippines and especially so on the occasion of the nearing 2016 Elections.  But all these delusions notwithstanding, it is but right and proper to call attention to the following standing objective truths—be these externally accepted but internally ridiculed by politicians themselves.


The human person is the foundation and purpose of political life. If there were no human person, whose personal needs have to be responded to whose social requirements have to be addressed, what for is politics? Whose interests and concerns would political life address? So it is that politics and political life are essentially for the service of the human person—definitely not the other way around. In other words, the origin of politics as well as the rationale of political life is none other than the human person per se. So it is that both politics and political life made operative by the former, are veritable social maledictions when their nature and finality are precisely violated by none other than those holding political authority.


The political community originates from the nature of persons. A man did not become one by himself alone, so it is certainly not in accord with his nature to be unsocial, much less anti-social. Thus it is that he seeks and stays in the company of others as a matter of fact, in order to have his social needs and aspirations responded to through and in the company of others like him. If man were by nature a loner, being able to respond to his own requirements  and exigencies by himself thereby manifesting downright self-sufficiency in anything and everything, then human society would be basically nonsense.


The political community finds its authenticity in reference to people.  Again: Politics and the political community find their real nature and genuine objective only when they are of service to and for the benefit of people—not vice versa, particularly when politicians ever think or even come to the conclusion that the people are the ones who should give them service and attend to their demands. This is not simply inverting but actually subverting who people really are and what the political community truly is for. When this blatant contradiction takes place, then sooner or later people themselves are the ones who ultimately get rid of their ego-loving and self-serving political community.

Conclusion:  Genuine politics is good.  Its nature is altruistic.  Its rationale is public spirited.  Politicians are there for the people, for public service to them.  Politics, politicians, the political community—all these are social liabilities in the event that they place themselves over and above the interests, concerns, and aspirations of the people.

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