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Credible, acceptable, reliable election

Abp. Oscar V. Cruz, DD

Vies and Points


IT has to be admitted with honesty and candor that Smartmatic is not really the problem, viz., not the cause of incredible, unacceptable, and unreliable elections in the Philippines.  It is not really the cause and effect of a flawed and discredited elections since the machines have been acquired and used more specifically as vote counting instrumentalities. The machines are made by foreigners but basically run by Filipinos for the People of the Philippines.  So it is that the said machines are used under the control of Filipinos–particularly those associated with Comelec.


Big or small cheating during elections in the Country, specially in vote counting, is some kind of a constant in the Philippine electoral scene.  Conclusion:  It is the human agents in the elections who make Credible, Acceptable, and Reliable Election.  In other words, as a matter of principle, the machines do as they made to do so by those handling and running them.


And so it is that C.A.R.E. becomes a great reality or a big farce, a blessing or a curse of the Filipino electorate–with the presence or absence of the following signal tenfold Integrity factor mentioned below in some order of relevance, significance or importance:


1.  Integrity of the Intramuros Comelec

2.  Integrity of the political candidates

3.  Integrity of the Voters’ List made

4.  Integrity of the printed ballots used and receipts given

5.  Integrity of local Comelec Inspectors

6.  Integrity of election machines made and adjusted by technicians

7.  Integrity of election machine transportation done by humans

8.  Integrity of precinct Comelec Officials

9.  Integrity of transmission of votes as determined by the Officials concerned

10.  Integrity of the national total vote number as decided by election Officials


Considering the above no less than tenfold Integrity requirement, is it still realistically possible to have truly clean and honest elections in the Philippines?  Do we have to settle or be content with but a more or less tenable and acceptable Philippine election every time such is held as provided by law?  Do we accept the fact that cheating of one kind or another is some kind of an infallible constant in all elections in the country?


Is C.A.R.E. wherefore but a dream in Philippine elections?

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