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Is the Filipino family a threat to the Filipino nation?

Rev. Eutiquio Belizar, Jr., SThD

By the Roadside


THE question appears odd, if a bit threatening in itself?

What, after all, is the Filipino nation but a multi-colored, multi-layered, multi-cultural blend of Filipino families? No Filipino families, no Filipino nation. It seems that simple.

But it is not.

That the Filipino prizes his family extra highly is beyond doubt. Every day thousands leave the country to look for better-paying jobs to provide better for—you guessed right, their families. Even politicians are not exempted, else they would not move heaven and earth in and out of election season just so their families could get into power or remain there for as long as possible. In the Philippines, as in other parts of the globe, power is the key to wealth and everything else human society considers worth having or pursuing. The Marcoses. The Aquinos. The Estradas. The Duranos. The Binays. The Osmeñas. The Dutertes. The Cayetanos. The list is endless. These are only some of Filipino families that have ruled parts or all of the country, the end-result being more Filipino families having less than their counter-parts who hold power or are in control of the country’s wealth; in the Philippines the one is often the other, or vice versa.

Consider also the many variations of the story of the culture of corruption. From the small fries, such as government employees who gently expect/demand ‘cash gifts’ to speed up the services they, in the first place, are salaried to provide hapless members of the public to the big-time crooks who steal millions and billions the legal way by way of (but not limited to) the DAP, PDAF etc., there are family members who are willing and active beneficiaries or participants. Remember the crooked general’s sons who were caught in a foreign country with plenty of cash later traced to the Philippine treasury? Or the daughter of an alleged billions-of-pesos plunderer who flaunted a lifestyle that not only kept up with the Joneses but even exceeded them as well. Families like them are definitely not assets to the Filipino nation. Now multiply their ranks by the number of those who they successfully buy votes from or sell influence to, and you arrive at a picture of a nation hardly anyone can be proud of or work happily for.

Many a writer or observer have remarked that Filipinos love their families so much that little is left for the country. One could even add that some sacrifice so much for their families at the expense of the country; in fact, a few Filipinos have proven themselves able to rob their country blind for the sake of their families. It is in this sense that, I agree, the Filipino family could be a threat to the Filipino nation.

But if the Filipino family were to be true to Christ Jesus, it would also be, like Christ Jesus, be able to leave self behind, even to the point of “kenosis” or “self-emptying” individually and collectively. It would also take up the cross of observing the Gospel of justice and of peace, of brotherhood and of solidarity in community, of service to the poor and the oppressed, of honesty to the point of being truly horrified by the least undeserved gain or profit—all of this beginning in the family and, by collective effort, made to overflow into society. It would not spend for the family what belongs to the country. It would not hesitate to die to blind political ambition so that true and needed servants may live and lead. It would not seek Paradise for the family while the nation remains in limbo. It would commend its spirit in the Father, not in money, party or ideology.

All we are saying here is that the truly Christian Filipino family, far from being a threat, will certainly be a treat to the Filipino nation.

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