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Woman Wins Suit Against Company That Fired Her for Refusing to Have an Abortion

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LONDON, England, June 23 2015 (LifeNews) – A British tribunal has awarded Teri Cumlin £12,000 (roughly $19,000), finding that the 22-year-old was wrongfully fired by a fundraising firm after she refused to abort.

Engage Fundraising, which raises money for a variety of charities, was found guilty of unfair dismissal, according to the Daily Mail. The hearing was held in May and the results released last week, Hugo Gye reported.

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According to Gye, last July Ms. Cumlin, who was already the mother of a four year old, told her boss she was pregnant. She was left in tears when her boss Mark Robertson tried to pressure her into terminating her pregnancy.

Robertson started shouting in my face, telling me how stupid I was and that they wouldn’t be able to keep me on. It was awful.

But Cumlin told Gye that she informed Robertson, “’I’m not going to have a termination.’ I explained that I had had a stillborn previously and there was no way I was having an abortion.”

According to Gye After she told him that she was expecting her second child, he said that her life was ‘down the pan’, and she was subsequently sacked from her job at Engage Fundraising.

Cumlim was not actually fired until last December, a week after she was suspended “amid claims of misconduct,” Gye reported.

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