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Joseph, the Good Person

Rev. Fr. Alan Gozo Bondoc, SVD

P.O.G.I. (Presence Of God Inside)

Actions speak louder than words.

There were no records of messages, not even a single word, spoken by St. Joseph, the husband of Mary, from the four Gospels.

However, there were four events recorded about St. Joseph, that could describe him as a person. In other words, he spoke through his actions.

First,upon learning that Mary was pregnant before marriage, he had planned to divorce her quietly because he did not want to put her to shame, accuse her of adultery and have her sentenced to
die. He still cared for Mary even thought he found out that she was
already pregnant. He was a true man, he did not want to add what seemed to be the many troubles of Mary.

Second, God sent an angel to Joseph in a dream to assure him that the child to be born had been conceived by the Holy Spirit. So he made Mary his wife. He was obedient to the plan and will of God
even though he had his own plan to be a father of his own children.

Third, he and Mary went to Bethlehem for the census. He did not leave her but took her to his own town. He sought refuge for his pregnant wife. He was with her while she gave birth, in her moment of pain. He accepted her child and took baby Jesus as his own child. He was a just and righteous man.

Lastly, the flight to Egypt, wherein he took his wife and baby Jesus to Egypt for protection against the King Herod’s plot to kill the child. He took them under his protection. He was a good foster father, caring and protecting the child of God.

From these four events we could say that St. Joseph was a true man with a heart of gold; a heart of pure love. He was a great provider, he knew how to care for his wife, especially during her pregnancy. He was
obedient to God and knew how to make great sacrifices for others. He did not mind himself, instead he was willing to take personal risks to protect others. He did not speak a single word yet he acted boldly with faith and courage.

Let us emulate St. Joseph by doing a lot of good deeds and actions without saying a word of complaint.

A worse person has more words but no actions.
A common person has more words but less actions.
A good person has more actions but no words.

St. Joseph, by his good actions, praises God.

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