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Breaking Barriers

Rev. Fr. Alan Gozo Bondoc, SVD

P.O.G.I. (Presence Of God Inside)

God created the world good. But sin destroyed its goodness and evil built walls around it.
God was hurt when humans allowed sin to enter the world. He was betrayed by His own creation.
However, the goodness of God remains. Sin failed to take away His goodness. It is for this reason that He sent His only Son to save creation and restore the goodness of humanity.
God began His mission by breaking the barriers built by evil and sin. When God sent His Son, He broke the barrier, a barrier that separated us from Him.
Jesus coming into the world and dwelling among us was the beginning of many barrier-breaking that God has done for us.

Jesus and His apostles. It is the initiative of God to choose and be accompanied and helped by human beings. Mission became the collaboration of God and humans, the Creator and creatures. God breaks the barrier so that Divinity and humanity will be in touch again in restoring goodness in the world.

Jesus and the Sinners/Tax collectors. He came for the sinners and the outcasts. He came to save and not to condemn. He reached out and extended His hands wide open on the Cross to bridge the gap between heaven and earth.

Jesus and the Samaritans. He was sent to the house of Israel and yet, He opened the door for the uninvited and separated people of Samaria. He saw and was moved by their faith. He commended their resilient faith.

Jesus and Sick/Lepers. They were considered useless and unclean but still He gave them importance. He even chose to heal on the Sabbath day. His compassion is not dictated by day, place, or time. His mercy is not limited by races and culture. He definitely cared for the sick and the dying.

Jesus and the Women. The society treated them as lowly, weak and mere objects but He raised their dignity and showed their worth by relating to them. He gave them a role and invited them to join His ministry. It was to a woman that He first showed Himself when He was resurrected, commanding her to proclaim the Good News.

Jesus and the Children. The world sees them as little, weak, and having nothing to offer but Jesus asked us to be like them if we want to enter His Kingdom. Adult people scold them but He embraced and blessed them.

Jesus and the Gentiles. They were considered “not saved” because they were treated as outsiders and uncircumcised but Jesus showed also Himself to them and His words were also proclaimed to them.

Just like His Father in Heaven, Jesus, too, breaks the barrier that is caused by sin. His heart goes out to the lost, the least, and the last.
In the Year of the Poor, may we emulate the example set by Jesus and Our Father, to break barriers and create bridges, to open doors for those who are abandoned, and to care for those who are weak.

For God so loved the world that He “chose” to send His Son… May we love it, too, and may we choose to give ourselves selflessly for the service and glory of God, to save and not to condemn.

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