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Nurses, uphold the Conscience Clause

Sr. Mary Pilar Verzosa, RGS

Nurses, uphold the Conscience Clause

WORKING abroad?

Is abortion legalized in the country where you are or will be working? Is abortion in demand conducted in the hospital in which you serve?

Is abortion against your moral and religious beliefs? Are you concerned that you will be made to participate in abortions indirectly?

Then you must be made aware that USA laws, as well as those of most other countries, protect health personnel from legal charges of termination of hob through the CONSCIENCE CLAUSE found in job contracts.

If you have a conscientious objection, you do not have to participate in abortions. This is bound to be respected under Section 4 of the 1967 Abortion Act (Great Britain/ England).

In the United States, however, it is necessary for nurses to submit to the hospital a written statement of refusal to assist in abortion in order for them to be legally protected.

Sign a job contract only if the “CONSCIENCE CLAUSE’ is clearly indicated in the paper. You can point this out to your supervisor or physician when you are made to assist in abortion, or euthanasia.

Pro-life groups in all countries will assist health personnel who are being threatened because they refuse to assist in such cases. Contact your nearest pro-life group as soon as you arrive in that country. Their telephone numbers are often listed in the phonebook.

In the United States, contact:

National Association of Pro-Life Nurses

Post Office Box 64

Elysian, Minnesota 56028


In England:

Society for the Protection of the Unborn Children

7 Tufton Street, Westminster SWIP 3QN

Tel. No. 01-2225845


What about Filipino nurses working here in the Philippines?

The 1987 Philippine Constitution clearly states: “The state shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from the conception” (Art. II Sec. 12).

The Population Policy of the Philippine government likewise indicates in the Basic Principles:

1) “Respect for the rights of couples to determine the size of their family and choose voluntarily the means which conform with their moral convictions and religious beliefs”; and

2) “Rejection of abortion as a means for controlling fertility”.

If you have a conscientious objection, you do not have to participate in abortion, contraception or sterilization.

You have a right to refuse, and that right is legally protected.

And to all you faithful pro-lifers objecting to the passage of the RH Bill, the above Conscience Clause also holds true for all of us. Let us carry on our mission to stop the RH Bill. The law is on our side. And certainly, God is on our side!

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