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Justice and Mercy

Rev. Fr. Alan Gozo Bondoc, SVD

P.O.G.I. (Presence Of God Inside)


Two sides of a coin. Two blades of a sword. It is the light and sound of thunder. Both should go together – Justice and Mercy. Mercy speaks of forgiveness, while Justice speaks of penance.

If Mercy is the way, then Justice is the process.

Mercy is given, then Justice follows. Justice is done then Mercy follows. It only means both entail responsibility and obligation.

Mercy is achieved if Justice is fulfilled.

If Mercy is the heart of God then it could be said that Justice is the hand of God.

Justice is not a punishment like the “eye for an eye” concept of the world.

God’s concept of justice is transformation.

God is definitely not in favor of punishment. It is only we who makes our own punishment by turning away from Him. He seeks us not to punish us, but to transform and reform us to regain our lost image and likeness of Him.

Jesus as the Good Shepherd is the very concept of Mercy and Justice. Sheep that is lost, he finds it. When found, he does not punish the lost sheep by slaughtering it. But perhaps what he will do is to set aside that sheep, away from other sheep for awhile in order to teach it, so that it will not get lost again.

Justice is more about teaching lessons, so that we might learn and understand the way of God.

When the lost sheep learn and understand the ways and manners of his shepherd, only then will it be brought back to others.

Mercy is freely given to those who humbly ask of it, but justice is gained by those who are willing to be transformed.

Mercy is the heart of Justice, while Justice is the hand of Mercy.

God is merciful but He is also a just Judge.

He is asking us to do the same… Be merciful and do justice.

It only means we need to give mercy accompanied by justice.

By doing so, people will be healed and at the same time, they will learn and be aware of their weaknesses and failures. It is through mercy with justice that genuine conversion is achieve.

God is a just judge and merciful because if not, then our world and all His creation would not exist today. It is by His mercy that we live and it is by His justice that we are renewed.

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