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My Story

Rev. Fr. Alan Gozo Bondoc, SVD

P.O.G.I. (Presence Of God Inside)


Every person has a story to tell that is called life. It is a mixture of happiness and sadness, successes and tragedies, victories and defeats, triumphs and failures, redemption and downfalls, and light and darkness.

In my reading of the Scriptures, I became more aware how God played an important part in the life of His people. He created, called, and chose His people to be His own. Despite the entrance of sin and evilness in the world He wanted His people to see, know, and accept Him. He wanted His people to tell and share their stories about how they experience Him and His great love. It is a story about relationship with Him. It is a story of an existence with Him.

In my life’s story, God is the center of it. I am because of Him. My story is not a perfect one, not yet.

I have weaknesses that only He knows.
I have a lot of struggles that with Him I overcome.
I encountered trials that with Him I faced courageously.
I have done horrible things that only He can judge me rightly.
I fell a lot of times into darkness, I succumbed to countless temptations. I disobeyed Him more than I obeyed.

Oftentimes, I was reckless with my life and too stubborn to follow His voice. Most of the time, my desires were not in line with His.
I wrestled with His will. I tried bending His commands.
I was overshadowed by sins and yet God is still here with me.
I am amazed that He still cares for me.
In my story, I always thought that I was the villain and God is the hero. But the truth is that, in God’s story, I am His precious one and He is there to rescue me because for Him, I am His hero, in His heart.

My story is being written by God. My song is being sang by Him.

My life is not complete without Him. He formed me in the womb of my mother, He gave me life in this world, and He rescued me a lot of times from danger and death. He never gives up on me even I do. He remains at my side even when I fail Him. His love is simply amazing, it is beyond my own understanding. My story…

He turned my wounds into wisdom.
He made my trials into triumphs.
He made my every test into testimonies.
He transformed my every stone into gold.

God will always be my story.

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