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Netizens hope for ‘something more’ from papal visit

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MANILA, Jan. 14, 2015—With only a day left before Pope Francis comes to the Philippines for his pastoral visit, Filipino netizens—Catholics and Non-Catholics alike—are hoping that the pontiff’s catalyze much-needed change in the country’s political and economic landscape.

“I am not a Catholic but I hope Pope Francis can touch the hands and head of every politician and government official in our country!” netizen @potato_gee said in the social networking service Twitter.

Netizen @PaulMartinReyes, on the other hand, hopes that Filipinos will shun old and evil ways for good.

“I really hope that Filipinos would really change for the better, not at the moment when Pope Francis is just in the Philippines,” he said.

Holy, but human

Twitter user @the_jepot emphasized the need for action among the faithful, noting that living out the Pope’s virtues is needed to achieve change.

“It is not just admiring the Pope, but imitating [him] and his virtues,” he added.

“I like Pope Francis though I’m not a Roman Catholic. I like his attitude. Yes, he’s holy, but he’s still human. Godbless,” Twitter user @reathehottest said.

For netizen @MikeeBee_, understanding and living the Pope’s call to Filipinos is more important than having a photo taken with him.

“I anticipate the message of Pope Francis to Filipinos than doing a selfie with him,” he said.

Pope’s safety

The Holy Father will be coming to the Philippines on Jan. 15 to 19 to visit the survivors of super Typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) in 2013.

“Tell the world of his love. I am so excited for the Papal Visit! I can’t wait to see you Pope Francis,” said Twitter user @MARKmyNAME1991.

Netizen @brent_ian13 urged the public to pray for the Holy Father’s safety as he embarked on his Asian tour.

“Our country is graced with the coming of His Holiness Pope Francis—the People’s Pope. Let us pray for his safety,” he said.

Pope Francis arrived in Buddhist-majority Sri Lanka on Jan. 13, delivering a message that calls for inter-religious harmony among the faithful. (Jennifer M. Orillaza/CBCP News)

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