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Rooted in Faithfulness

Rev. Fr. Alan Gozo Bondoc, SVD

P.O.G.I. (Presence Of God Inside)


God qualifies the unqualified.
He calls the imperfect.
He chooses the weak.
He searches the lost.
He heals the broken.
He saves the sinners.
He is faithful to the unfaithful.

God’s love do not change. It is constant, strong and faithful.
His grace looks beyond our sinfulness.
His heart is full of mercy.
His kindness cannot be equaled.
His generosity cannot be outdone.
His holiness purifies.

However, we often times lose our focus on Him by giving more attention to our failings. We allow ourselves to be swayed and discouraged by our failures and weaknesses. It is because we are not rooted on His faithfulness. Though He calls us and wants us to be faithful to Him, He is compassionate and understand us.

Our faithfulness is not measured by the length of our prayers or our frequent visits to church.
Our faithfulness is not based on the flawlessness of our actions or the perfection of our speech.
Our faithfulness is not about our piousness or religiousness.

Our faithfulness is rooted in believing that God is faithful to us despite our weaknesses.
Our faithfulness makes us resilient to follow Him despite our many falls.
Our faithfulness pushes us to move forward even though we often back slide in life.
Our faithfulness strengthen us in the battle despite our great woundedness.
Our faithfulness lifts us when we are dragged down by the world.
Our faithfulness enables us to stand again and again and again.

This is what God wants us to do when He asks us to be faithful to Him.

Faithfulness is more than an attitude, but it is a way of life in our relationship with God. It is more than an obligation but a responsibility. It is more than making a mere promise, but a decision to be made every day. It is more than just obeying the commandments, but a commitment to live for God. It is not just about how we should live our life, but more about knowing and believing how much God love us.

Do not let sinfulness win over our hearts, but let us be rooted in faithfulness, leading us to redemption.
Do not allow our sinfulness affect us, but instead be affected more by the faithfulness of God.
The only failure in life is stopping and giving up on our faith in God.
We continue to move on with faith.
We continue to hold on in faith.
We continue to live the faith.
We continue to remain in faith… Because we are assured that the One who called us is faithful until the end.

2 Timothy 2:17 “…if we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself.”


Have a happy and merry Christmas!

Be happy because God created Christmas to remind us of His faithful love by giving His own Son to us.

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