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The Presence

Rev. Fr. Alan Gozo Bondoc, SVD

P.O.G.I. (Presence Of God Inside)


When I was in college, I heard a recollection speaker once say that there is a void in our heart that only God could fill. No amount of self-effort can fill it. No material satisfaction can fill it. Anything from the world cannot and will not fill it. It is only God who can fill it. It is only Him who can satisfy it. It is only Him who can complete our hearts.
This void or empty space belongs only to God.

Most people fail to understand that worldly riches, treasured possessions and great achievements cannot satisfy the longing of the heart. That longing of the heart is not about lacking precious things, but about lacking the presence of God.

Most people fail to perceive the presence of God inside them because they are so preoccupied with many things. Their thoughts are so busy with the world that they neglect the most essential Person in life, God Himself.

People who are rich still feel empty inside because they do not yet accept God as their true wealth. People who seem to have everything actually have nothing if God is not in their hearts. People who are depressed and stressed are those who are more concerned about their successes. They tend to forget that there is a God of Peace to whom they can entrust their lives. People who live in fear and isolation have not fully accepted God in their hearts.

The absence of God in our lives makes us incomplete and meaningless. When I chose to let Him enter my life, my life changed. I feel that I am always a new creation every day. I feel fully alive.
His presence within me brings joy and peace into my heart. It is a joy even in the midst of crisis and it is a peace even in the presence of chaos. His presence within me leads me to the awareness of my true being. His presence within me gives me spiritual direction that guides me toward my eternal home.
His presence within me ignites my heart to love others shown through genuine and selfless service. His presence within me fills me with mercy and compassion for others.
His presence within me makes my heart aflame with faith, hope, and love.

Truly, the presence of God inside me fills the void of my heart and completes my life.

The Presence, my True Home.

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