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‘Nation-building, inseparable from the family’ – bishop

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PASIG CITY, September 20, 2012—”Building the nation is not separate from building the family,” according to Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle.

Speaking at the Family Congress 2012, he appealed to educators, parents and students present to make sure that principles Filipinos want to see in the national level like accountability and integrity can first be seen and practiced at home.

Galit na galit tayo sa bribery pero saan ba nagsisimula ang bribery? (We are so mad at bribery but where does bribery start?) In the family,” Abp. Tagle added.

He went on to explain how parents sometimes give the wrong motivation to children to do even the simplest domestic chores like cooking rice.

Abp. Tagle asked the audience to be more sensitive to how adults do not go through the trouble of being firm and instilling discipline, so they end up “bribing” their kids to win obedience.

Sige, ‘pag nagsaing ka, pupunta tayong Jollibee (Ok, if you cook the rice, we will go to Jollibee),” Abp. Tagle further illustrated the point.

Addressing some 300 attendees, Abp. Tagle said how well a nation fares depends largely on what happens in the family and on people’s perception of ‘family.’

‘Pag sinabing ‘think family’, let us not think of kadugo (blood relationship), but think of others,” he added.

He went on to cite examples like “tapat ko, linis ko” or sweeping only in front of one’s house to show how Filipinos are prone to making the distinction between their family and “others”.

Abp. Tagle said people may painstakingly look after only their own garbage, but when floods come, everyone is affected.

“We share the same history, the same destiny..We share the same flood,” he added.

Miriam College, College of the Holy Spirit, STC Family Council, individual bloggers, the Balay Pag Inupdinay Foundation, as well as the Diocese of Cubao attended the Family Congress 2012 organized by the Love Institute. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz]

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