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Online Calungsod prayer network reached more than 3,000 pray-ers

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CEBU City, September 19, 2012—After launching the online prayer network ‘Barkada ni Pedro’ in the social networking site Facebook, it already garnered more than 3,000 likes or pray-ers.

The Facebook page which was established by the Cebu Archdiocesan Youth Commission is in honor for the soon-to-be saint Pedro Calungsod that was launched last August 6 to provide a meeting place where people who need someone to pray for them can meet people who want to pray for their intentions.

According to ACY Cebu, other than the more than 3,000 likes, they already received more than 2,000 prayers; a month and a half after the fan page was launched.

“If the cyberspace is connecting people, prayer is also connecting us to everyone and to God. If Pedro Calungsod were alive today, he could have been a Facebook user too,” youth commission chair Msgr. Arthur Navales said in a press release.

Those who are interested to join the online community, you may visit barkada ni Pedro at and click the ‘like’ button.

There are two activities that they can do, to pray and to be prayed for.

“One can post a prayer intention in the field ‘write something’, which is transformed into a ‘pray box’ and for those who want to commit to pray for a person’s intention, they can simply click the ‘like’ button of the posted intention,” organizers said.

A 6:00-PM-mass every Friday is devoted for the offering of prayer intentions posted in the Facebook page, they also said.

“The mass, tagged as the Tamabayan ni Pedro, since his favorite hang-out is the mass, is being celebrated at the Cebu Archdiocesan Youth Center (beside the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral at the back of the Cathedral Museum),” they added.

They are also encouraging all young people to join them in praying for others and be united through prayers.

Calungsod was doing a missionary work in Guam in 1672 when he was killed at age 17. Blessed John Paul II beatified him on March 5, 2000.

He will be canonized in Rome this coming October 21 by Pope Benedict XVI and will be the 2nd Filipino Saint following St. Lorenzo Ruiz in 1987. (Jandel Posion)



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