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Davao ‘yuppies’ hold concert to aid homeless youth

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DAVAO City, Sept. 7, 2012—Young professionals in this city held a benefit concert in support of  the newly founded Helpers of Mary Catholic Ministries that help homeless young people and those in conflict with the law.

Dubbed ‘Well Done’, the yuppies were part of the performing act to raise funds for ‘the Balay sa Adunay Pangandoy’—an institution serving and sheltering teenagers in conflict with the law, the homeless and even young people rejected by their families. 

Founders of the ministry, Bro. Rondale Pancho and his colleagues, together with the help of Bro. Dennis Mabayao, the founder of the recipient institution, said that God-given talents and the members’ commitment were God’s instruments in order to help other people especially those who are in need.

Mabayao, before the end of the concert, presented to the audience 15 young people from the ‘Balay sa Adunay Pangandoy’ who are currently enrolled in high school and college through the support of the institution.

Aside from the financial support for their education, the students also undergo continuing various spiritual formation and training in livelihood programs.

The founders of the Catholic ministries also explained that the concert is the beginning of their continuing assistance to young people in need.

Jeyk Pangilan, who was one of those who saw the performances, has expressed his great support for the mission of the organizers in helping their fellow young people in need.

“It is really a blessing for me to witness this concert. Apart from hearing wonderful songs of praises, I was also able to help the young people of the Balay sa Adunay Pangandoy,” Pangilan added.

Sponsors and benefactors of the event were young people from different organizations, lay and individuals who helped by buying and selling event tickets.

The first benefit concert was held August 25 at the Samson Polytechnic College of Davao Gymnasium. (Jecy Opada/Jandel Posion)

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