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Same Sex ‘Marriage’

SO it is that the present government wants the infamous RH Bill passed by the Legislative Department as a priority bill. So it is that the same government is bent in making Population Control as its answer to the national under-development it continuous to aggravate, and to the social-retrogression in the country it successfully maintains.  So it is that the incumbent government looks at population as a big enemy, a huge liability—although it is people that is its primary export, that wherefore money remittances they send for the total disposition of and the big wastage by the same government.

Time and again, it is said that the same now ruling government has in fact three heinous legislative agenda in mind and at heart. They are the following: The anti-nature and anti-reason Population Control, the Divorce Provision and the legalization of Same Sex “Marriage.” So it is that this present government is not only altogether silent about its repugnant threefold intention but neither has it officially denied its said three-tiered program. It is but right and proper to be vigilant about this shady government—its dubious if not surreptitious plan.

But lately, there is this Filipino leader who found an ally in the person of a big and powerful American figure. The latter expressly and publicly announced that he is for Same Sex “Marriage“—hopefully in order to get more votes for the forthcoming elections, considering his more and more falling popularity. Specifically in conjunction with the so-called Same Sex “Marriage,” it is good to take note of the following more important and relevant on-the-ground realities:

One: That according to the law of nature itself, marriage is between a man and woman. It is a farce when done between two individuals of the same sex—no matter before whom it is done, no matter how many times it is held.

Two: That it is natural law itself that dictates that marriage is not only a unity but also a union and communion between a man and a woman. This is the simple reason why there can be no such thing as Same Sex “Marriage.”

Three: That instead of marriage as defined by human nature and affirmed by human reason, the so-called Same Sex “Marriage” can be considered as a partnership, a companionship or anything the like—but not marriage.

It takes much more than a mere President—a King, a Dictator, a Tyrant—to change the law of nature, the provision of natural law. No mere human legislator can contradict the Divine Legislator. No human legislature can abrogate legislation of natural law. This is the truth—notwithstanding any black or brown or white President and for whatever purpose. Not even the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Universal Church can do so.

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