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Film brings Pedro Calungsod closer to youth—CEAP

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A scene from the movie. Rocco Nacino portrays Pedro Calungsod.

MANILA, Dec. 26, 2013—The Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) has lauded efforts to bring St. Pedro Calungsod closer to the youth through film. 

CEAP president Br. Narciso Erguiza, Jr. FSC said the “Pedro Calungsod, Batang Martir” movie, which is an entry to the ongoing Metro Manila Film Festival, is an effective tool of new evangelization. 

“We hope to bring St. Pedro Calungsod closer to the students through new evangelization such as this film. With all our collaborative efforts, we can inspire more children and young students to be heroes and saints (in the future),” he said. 

In a memorandum dated December 15, 2013, Erguiza has urged the administrators, teachers and students of CEAP member-schools to watch the film about the life and martyrdom of the second Filipino saint. 

“We hope that Pedro Calungsod will be an inspiration for the Filipino people with the message that we can reach sainthood through our everyday lives especially as we can all relate to him for he was a youth, an overseas Filipino worker, a catechist, a missionary and a faithful friend,” Erguiza added. 

The CEAP is the 72-year-old organization of over 1,400 Catholic schools, universities and colleges nationwide. Erguiza was elected as the new CEAP president during the CEAP national convention last September. 

“Pedro Calungsod has many attributes that the young Filipino can emulate and values to live out. We would like to ask for your cooperation and partnership in promoting Pedro Calungsod to the youth and Filipinos by sharing his life story and faith through this movie depicting his life. CEAP fully supports spreading the message of Pedro Calungsod’s life to the youth of today,” he added. 

The “Pedro Calungsod, Batang Martir” is an official entry to the 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival. It stars Rocco Nacino, Christian Vasquez, Jestoni Alarcon, Ryan Eigenman, and Victor Basa, among others. Produced by HPI Synergy Group, the film is shown on theaters nationwide starting December 25. (YouthPinoy)

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