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Jaro Carmel declared pilgrimage site

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JARO. Iloilo, Nov. 11, 2013—The first Discalced Carmelite Monastery in Jaro has been declared a Pilgrimage Site as it celebrates its 90th anniversary of foundation from November 9, 2013 to November 9, 2014.

Archbishop Angel Lagdameo made the declaration on November 9 during a Pontifical Mass celebrated to launch the year-long celebration themed “Celebrating the Gift of Presence, Sharing the Gift of Prayer”.

Sister Mary Cecile of the Trinity, O.C.D., said the declaration of Jaro Carmel as a Pilgrimage Site is aimed to make people more aware of the presence in Iloilo of the first Discalced Carmelite Monastery founded in the Philippines.

The nun said that, although the monastery is open every day, Wednesdays and Saturdays have been set as Pilgrimage Days during the whole celebratory year to welcome parishes, schools and other groups to Jaro Carmel.

On display is an exhibit of the foundational years of the first Carmelite community that includes the accounts of the first four Carmelite Sisters who arrived in Iloilo 90 years ago and the history of the Father and Founder of Jaro Carmel, Bishop James McCloskey.

Pilgrims will also have the chance to speak with the Carmelite nuns so that they can learn about the life inside a Carmelite Monastery. It is hoped that, given the chance to pray in Jaro Carmel and to speak with the Sisters, many people, especially the youth, will be able to discover the Faith and even discern their vocation.

Presently, the community is consists of 16 Sisters which includes one Postulant and one Novice.

People who will visit Jaro Carmel throughout the 90th Year celebration will also have the opportunity to gain Indulgences when they come as pilgrims and fulfil the usual conditions set by the Holy See.

Jaro Carmel was founded 90 years ago to answer the request of Bishop McCloskey, then bishop of Jaro to have a Carmelite Monastery in Iloilo to pray day and night for the needs of the diocese, of its Bishop and priests, and also for the needs of the whole Philippines.

Bishop McCloskey was known to have a great devotion to Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St. Therese of the Child Jesus.

The numerous natural and man-made disasters, such as earthquakes, typhoons, the RH Law, the Pork-barrel scam and other forms of corruption that the Philippines confront today make more significant the gift of presence and the gift of prayer that the Jaro Carmel community offers to the Church and to the country. (Fr. Mickey Cardenas)

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