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A Matter of Fairness

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CBCP Statement on the recent voting in the House of Representatives ending the debates on the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill

It was not supposed to happen. The agreement was to vote on August 7, 2012, when every side would have been ready and prepared to defend its cause as in any democratic setting.

Unfortunately, in a move remarkable in its stealth and swiftness, the ruling group of the House of Representatives, on August 6, 2012, managed to force a vote that terminated the period of debates on the RH Bill. It came a full day too soon, just when “no one was looking”. Except for the cabal of schemers, people were caught off-guard by the suddenness of the execution, especially those who oppose the Bill on faith or principle.

We are dismayed by the display of naked power. We lament the unilateral disregard of prior agreement in the pursuit of selfish goals. We detest the unbridled resort to foul tactics. We denounce the brazen disregard of the basic tenets of fair play and attempt to railroad the passage of the Bill. Not least, we question the surrender of legislative discretion to an intrusive President, reminiscent of the events leading to the impeachment proceedings.

The Catholic Church and those who are similarly minded ask for nothing more than fairness. After all, we have as much right to expose the dangers and ills of the Bill as those who promote it. So much is at stake in this fight for life: protection of women’s health against harmful contraceptives; preservation of parental authority over minor children; protection of the youth against valueless sex education; wrongful discrimination of the poor; wasteful disbursement of billions of pesos for contraceptives while many of the poor die of cancer, tuberculosis, dengue and other ailments without the benefit of medicine; suppression of dissent and civil liberties through threatened imprisonment and gradual annihilation of the Philippine race through systematic reduction of maternal fertility rate.

In the face of a well-funded campaign to have the RH Bill passed as envisioned by foreign institutions, and despite the undeserved attacks it is reaping, the Catholic Church stands firm in its resolve to fight this deadly measure at every turn and no matter the cost ― all for love of God, flock, and country.

We commend the bravery and dedication of legislators who continue to resist the Bill even at the risk of retaliation from the powers-that-be.  To them go our blessing and the gratitude of the faithful. Their courageous and patriotic acts will be remembered long after the last debate had been waged and the final vote had been cast.

Finally, we urge all devoted Catholics to unite against the Bill.  Intensify your prayers and let your voices be heard and your actions seen against this deadly measure. Truth is on our side. Developed countries with dwindling population are beginning to realize the folly of population control, and some, like Singapore, regret having adopted it. Most importantly, the Bill’s anti-life features go against our Constitution, our treasured traditions and the basic teachings of the Catholic Church as enunciated years ago by Pope Paul VI and Blessed John Paul II.


For and in behalf of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines,



Archbishop of Cebu & President, CBCP

13 August 2012


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6 Responses to A Matter of Fairness

  1. Now we know the true color of this president who was endorsed by most of our bishops in 2010. Next time we hold a prayer rally can we have speakers who are more prophetic? Bishop Soc’s stinging message was watered down when he did not deliver it himself. Bishop Ted made a homily but still praised the idiot in malacańang. Bishop Tagle trivialized the event by playing cute with his punchlines. Only Bro. Mike of El Shaddai delivered a threat to the corrupted congressmen. Excellencies, we are at war with a super power who finally found an ally in the idiot president that we now have. Now is the time for martyrdom!


    O Panginoon ng nagliliyab na halaman
    Bigyan mo po kami ng tapang upang labanan
    Ang mga lihis na katwiran
    Na kumikitil ng buhay sa sinapupunan

    O panginoon ng pag ibig
    Turuan mo ang aming mga bibig
    Na magsambit ng iyong katotohan
    Nang ang aming mga pinuno’y maliwanagan

    O Panginoon na aming pastol
    Pangunahan mo ang iyong kawan
    Na ngayon ay nasusukol
    Dahil sa pagiwan ng mga pinag bilinan

    O panginoon ng muling pagkabuhay
    Kung maaari lamang pong ibigay
    Ang aming minimithing panalangin
    Muling buhayin si Cardinal Sin

    Melissa Ledesma
    August 16, 2012 at 12:51 am

  2. Hello CBCP,

    Bakit hindi kayo maglabas ng statement sa kahihiyan na dinadala sa inyo ng mga kaparian ninyong child molesters. Kapag matters of the state, ang lakas ng loob ninyong maglabas ng mga statements. Pero kapag may kasama kayong nasangkot sa child abuse cases, tahimik kayo.

    Hypocrisy at its finest. Nakakahiya. You call yourselves Men of God? Ang lakas din ng loob ninyong mag-discriminate against gay people, when your priests themselves are closeted homosexuals.

    Read this article:

    Mico C.
    September 27, 2012 at 1:09 pm

  3. Hi Mico,

    Time and again, when some members of the Philippine clergy commit some misdeeds that put into question their priestly ministry, the CBCP will issue statements to make it clear that the Church does not condone such wrongful acts. As regards to this case, Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma, who is also the CBCP president, has issued a statement clearly stating that an investigation is ongoing and that he has submitted all the necessary documents to the Vatican. And by the way, the church or the CBCP for that matter does not discriminate against homosexuals. Maybe you should read more of what the Church is doing to care for homosexual people. I would advise you to please read this:

    I hope it will open your eyes and mind and be slow in criticizing the Church in general and the CBCP in particular.

    September 27, 2012 at 2:47 pm

  4. Dapat lang na ipaglaban ng Simbahang Katoliko ang katotohanan sa likod ng mga usaping pangbansa o pamahalaan. Kailan man hindi pinahihintulutang ng Simbahan ang mga bagay na ikakasama ng tao. Infact, mas malaki ang tulong ng simbahan kaysa pamahalaan. Ang mga taong bumuto ng “yes” sa RH Bill at nag-deklarang katoliko ay sinungaling! Nakakahiya kayo sapagkat hindi kayo kaisa ng simbahan kung saan kayo nabibilang. Para niyo naring sinaksak ang mga sarili ninyo dahil sa mga maaanghang na salita na binitiwan ninyo laban sa Simbahan.

    Hindi ako naniniwala na halos lahat ng mga pilipino ay boto sa RH Bill. Maawa naman kayong mga pumapabor sa RH…marami nang problema ang bansa. Aanhin natin ang progresibong bansa kung wala naman tayong tamang pag-uugali, pagpapahalaga sa buhay at pananampalataya. Naniniwala akong hindi uunlad ang ating bansa lalo na’t pinapairal ngayon ng estado ang mga imoral na gawain at batas tulad ng RH Bill.

    Nagsisisi ako’t binoto ko ang presidente….naniwala ako sa isang kasinungalingang matuwid na landas ang tatahakin ng pilipinas…mas lalo pang naging baluktot!!!

    December 20, 2012 at 3:43 pm

  5. The Catholic church must know the proper separation of the Church from the State. The Reproductive Health Bill or the (R.H. Bill), is one way of the Government to reduced the rapid increase of our population, not directly to kill any life or human, but to control it. The Government has the firm stand for that proposal and the church must be respectful to the decisions made by the Government, because it’s not the Church who will handle the problems regarding rapid increase of population like malnutrition, education, housing problem, health problems, job creations and many more. The final question is that “does the church really care?”. If so then, why is it that if there are calamities such as floods, typhoons, and any other disasters, why is it that the church doesn’t have any moves to solve or at least help the victims?.

    Roberto D. Agcaoilli Jr.
    December 25, 2012 at 8:59 pm

    • The church does know what the phrase “separation of the Church and the State” means. It is actually those who do not know what the phrase really means who keep on harping about this. Why don’t you read what the Philippine constitution say about this and also the Church canon law so that you will be enlightened, for goodness sake. And the reason why the church is against the RH bill, it has been explained ad infinitum — from all aspects — its unconstitutionality as it tramples on the basic human rights of a person, its moral aspects, economic, demographics, etc. But this government was bent on passing it even to the point of harassing and bribing lawmakers. It doesn’t mean just because this government passed this law that it was right all along. NOPE. And your question, does the Church really care? Of course, the church has always been lambasted and criticized, especially when it speaks out about morality and human rights but be reminded that it is the role of the Catholic church to do so. And by the way, your accusation that the church does not do anything when disasters strike really amazed me. I really don’t know what to think about you. Are you in touch with reality? Do you ever read the news? Well, never mind if you don’t sometimes the media can be so biased in favor of the government. But Mr. Agcaoili, I just want to point out that in every calamity that happened in the country and elsewhere in the world, the Church is always there to help, often times even ahead of the government. Churches are transformed into evacuation centers during typhoons especially at the height of super typhoons like Ondoy, Sendong and Pablo. Ever heard of Caritas Manila, Caritas Philippines, CAFOD, Caritas International, CBCP-NASSA, second collection of parish churches for typhoon victims, diocesan collection for typhoon victims, ALAY Kapwa collection for victims of calamities, etc, etc. Have you heard of those? These and many other similar Church entities are helping calamity victims. Am really amazed why there are people like you who are quick to attack the Church without first bothering to check the facts. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

      December 26, 2012 at 4:55 pm

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