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Youth org to hold chastity and prolife conference

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MANILA, July 31, 2013— A student organization from the University of Asia and the Pacific will hold a chastity and pro-life conference titled “Real Love Revolution 2013” at the Philippine International Convention Center Plenary Hall in Pasay City on September 7, 2013.

Catalyst, the university’s outreach, advocacy and leadership organization, has invited Jason and Crystalina Evert, two powerful speakers on prolife issues to speak during the conference.

The conference aims to enlighten Filipinos, especially the youth, about the importance of chastity in our lives.

The speakers will talk about the different aspects of this virtue and its application in the modern world. They will also address the different issues in our society today such as the RH Law, contraception, divorce, pre-marital sex, and teenage pregnancy.

Jason Evert is a world-renowned speaker on chastity. Through his highly popular chastity seminar called “Romance Without Regret”, Jason has spoken internationally to more than one million people. He is also a best-selling author of a dozen of books, including Theology of the Body for Teens and Pure Love and Pure Manhood. He earned his master’s degree in theology, as well as undergraduate degrees in counseling and theology, from the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Crystalina Evert, meanwhile, is a founder of Women Made New and the author of three books: Pure Womanhood, How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul, and Theology of the Body for Teens.

Incoming CBCP President Archbishop Socrates Villegas of Lingayen-Dagupan will celebrate Holy Mass during the event, where 8,000 people are expected to attend.

Those interested about the event may get additional information by calling or texting Mr. Patrick Lim at 0917-521-7676 and Ms. Andi Vicente at 0917-628-8606. (Angelique Guevarra)

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2 Responses to Youth org to hold chastity and prolife conference

  1. CBCP News

    Dear sir, dear madame,
    My name is Antun Lisec. I am a Catholic, medical doctor from Croatia with 30 years of experiences to teach people to respect human life, health, chasity, sanctity of marriage, God‘s gift of fertility and dignity of conception.
    I knew Catholic nun s. Pilar Verzosa from Philippines who has been doing the same. Unfortunately, she has died.
    I am just reading the news posted on your Web site, that a student organization from the University of Asia and the Pacific will hold a chastity and pro-life conference titled “Real Love Revolution 2013” at the Philippine International Convention Center Plenary Hall in Pasay City on September 7, 2013.
    Unfortunately, the poster announcing Conference is giving wrong message showing a photo of boy and girl probably kissing one another.
    I am against such kind of contacts before real wedding blessed by God.
    Such kiss is sexual excitement and transmits the most of infectious disseases. Even mortal disseases are transmitted by the kiss.
    Every normal husband will be very frustrated if discovers that his wife has been kissing any man in similar way, before the wedding, with the support of anybody from Catholic Church, or from your web site, or from the Conference.
    Every normal wife will be also frustrated if discovers the same regarding her husband.

    Phone numbers of the organizers are: Mr. Patrick Lim: 0917-521-7676 and Ms. Andi Vicente: 0917-628-8606.
    Could you send me their e-addresses please?
    What do you think, could I write against this poster also to the Bishops Conference, especially to Archbishop Socrates Villegas of Lingayen-Dagupan?
    At the end of this letter, you can see the text, without design, of my leaflet “The Child – Gift of God” in English.
    If you give me your e-mail, I could send to you some of my articles more.
    With the best wishes Antun Lisec M.D.
    My address is:
    Dr. Med. Antun Lisec, Vinogtradska Str. 32, HR – 34334 Kaptol, Croatia, Europe
    Phone-fax: +385-34-313-722. Cellular phone: +385-91-571-2856. E-mail:
    Skype: antun.lisec

    The Child – Gift of God

    No Pill ! No IUD! No condom! No sterilization!
    No artificial fertilization! No sin!

    * The intrauterine device (IUD) kills children. While using the IUD, fertilization occurs, but the IUD does not allow the child to get “implanted” in the womb and the child usually dies in the first days of its life. The absence of menstrual bleeding means that the child survived and implanted itself. Abortion is not justified or permissible in such cases either.
    The IUD causes a healthy woman to become sick (bleeding, the pain, anaemia, suppuration-purulence in the uterus, in the Fallopian tubes and in the abdomen…).
    * The Pill is also the cause of many serious diseases such as breast cancer, cancer of the womb, heart attacks, strokes, phlebitis, embolisms etc. While taking each kind of Pill, ovulation and conception still often occurs. However, the baby usually dies from starvation because the Pill dehydrates the glands and decreases the food supply (glycogen) in the endometrium (the lining of the womb). If, while the mother was on the Pill, she missed her period, it is an indication the child survived. Remember, abortion is never allowed.
    * While taking Depo-Provera, implants, different post-coital means, etc., fertilization also occurs and these methods automatically kill babies. Jesus said: “Truly, I say to you: whenever you did this to one of the least, of these my brothers, you did it to Me.” (Matthew 25:40 ). The life of a human being starts at the moment of conception. These tiny newly-conceived babies are the “least” of our brothers and sisters, what we do to them is what we do to Jesus.
    * Do not forget that contraception, sterilization, the killing of the unborn children and artificial fertilization when conception takes place without a specific act of conjugal love of his parents (artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization) are mortal sins. It is very rare that children conceived in vitro survive. Most of them are killed or kept alive but frozen in the refrigerators.
    Sins are never allowed! Sins are not a solution for any problem, they only bring new problems.
    Do not allow and do not participate in early amniocentesis nor in the other prenatal diagnostic procedure which aim at hunting down and killing sick children.
    * The Holy Father Pope Pius XI in the Encyclical “Casti Conubii”, in 1930 wrote:
    “…56. Since, therefore, openly departing from the uninterrupted Christian tradition some recently have judged it possible solemnly to declare another doctrine regarding this question, the Catholic Church, to whom God has entrusted the defense of the integrity and purity of morals, standing erect in the midst of the moral ruin which surrounds her, in order that she may preserve the chastity of the nuptial union from being defiled by this foul stain, raises her voice in token of her divine ambassadorship and through Our mouth proclaims anew: any use whatsoever of matrimony exercised in such a way that the act is deliberately frustrated in its natural power to generate life is an offense against the law of God and of nature, and those who indulge in such are branded with the guilt of a grave sin.
    57. We admonish, therefore priests who hear confessions and others who have the care of souls, in virtue of Our supreme authority and in Our solicitude for the salvation of souls, not to allow the faithful entrusted to them to err regarding this most grave law of God; much more, that they keep themselves immune from such false opinions, in no way conniving in them. If any confessor of pastor of souls, which may God forbid, lead the faithful entrusted to him into these errors, or should at least confirm them by approval or by guilty silence, let him be mindful of the fact that he must render a strict account to God, the Supreme Judge, for the betrayal of his sacred trust, and let him take to himself the words of Christ: “They are blind and leaders of the blind: and if the blind lead the blind, both fall into the pit. (Mt 15,14) …”
    * These who produce, distribute and advertise the condom, are guilty because of their help in the performance of different sins, such as fornication, adultery, contraception etc. At the same time, they have been offering a false safety that infection will not happen. It’s confirmed that in spite of the use of the condom the transmission of diseases like AIDS, Human Papyloma Virus causing cancer of the uterus, Chlamydia Trachomatis, Herpes Genitalis, Syphilis, Hepatitis and different other diseases still happens.
    * The Pontifical Council for the Family’s Document, “The Truth and the Meaning of Human Sexuality”, from 1995 in paragraph 139. says: “… In this situation, parents must also reject the promotion of so-called “safe sex” or “safer sex”, a dangerous and immoral policy based on the deluded theory that the condom can provide adequate protection against AIDS. Parents must insist on continence outside marriage and fidelity in marriage as the only true and secure education for the prevention of this contagious disease”.
    * Let us respect the fact that human sexuality may not be used outside of a marriage blessed by God, which is indissoluble.
    When there is a serious and justifiable reason to avoid conception, there is a solution without sin. There are natural methods which requires abstinence during the fertile part of a woman’s cycle (the Billings or Sympto-Thermal methods).
    Pray to God to show us what more we can do to protect endangered lives and moral values.

    Author of the text : Dr. med. Antun Lisec, Croatia.
    Mobitel: +385-91-571-2856. E-mail:

    Antun Lisec M.D.
    August 1, 2013 at 5:10 am

  2. Ten years ago beatifed Croatian Catholic boy, blessed Ivan Merz, who promoted Prayer, Sacrifice and Catholic Apostolate, especially chastity, before the World War II, is popular in the Philippines as well. In Filipino language, you can read more about him on:

    Antun Lisec
    August 1, 2013 at 7:14 pm

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