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Church urges mandatory prayer for good weather

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MANILA, August 8, 2012— As Metro Manila and nearby provinces reel from the ill effects of the heavy monsoon rains over the past few days, the Catholic Church called on the faithful to recite the Oratio Imperata specifically for deliverance from calamities.

Msgr. Joselito Asis, CBCP secretary, said the faithful can pray this again for good weather.

Called “Oratio Imperata for deliverance from calamities”, Asis also requested that said special prayer be recited in all churches.

The prayer was first said in the Diocese of Legazpi in 2009 after the province of Albay was severely damaged by a series of super typhoons.

Asis said that there is a need for prayer considering the damage the continuous rains brought to various parts of the country.

It will be recalled typhoon “Gener” caused deaths to at least 53 people while yesterday’s heavy rains resulted into the death of 19 others.

Social Welfare and Development Secretary Corazon Juliano Soliman said there are already 149,050 persons in 294 evacuation centers.  There are 244,424 persons outside the temporary shelters.

In Metro Manila, there are 16,503 families or 77,918 persons affected by continuous rains and flooding.  There are 68,372 persons temporarily billeted in 107 evacuation centers.

Laguna provincial officials led by Governor E.R. Ejercito expressed serious concerns should Laguna de Bay’s water level rises as it would bring untold misery to his constituents.

“Increased water level in Laguna de Bay usually takes two to three months to subside,” Ejercito was quoted as saying.  (Melo M. Acuna/CBCPNews)

The full text of the Oratio read as follows:

“Almighty Father, we raise our hearts to You in gratitude for the wonders of creation of which we are part, for Your providence in sustaining us in our needs, and for Your wisdom that guides the course of the universe.

“We acknowledge our sins against You and the rest of creation.

“We have not been good stewards of Nature.

“We have confused Your command to subdue the earth.

“The environment is made to suffer our wrongdoing, and now we reap the harvest of our abuse and indifference.

“Global warming is upon us. Typhoons, floods, volcanic eruption, and other natural calamities occur in increasing number and intensity.

“We turn to You, our loving Father, and beg forgiveness for our sins.

“We ask that we, our loved ones and our hard earned possessions be spared from the threat of calamities, natural and man-made.

“We beseech You to inspire us all to grow into responsible stewards of Your creation, and generous neighbors to those in need.


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