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PPCRV releases 2013 voting guide

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PPCRV Chairperson Henrietta de Villa

MANILA, Feb. 18, 2013— The Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting has released guidelines to Catholic voters on how they should choose their candidates in the May 2013 automated elections.

The Catholic Church-backed poll watchdog said the guidelines aims to help voters choose the right candidates who will lead the nation.

The 10 Commandments for Responsible Voting is contained in the booklet titled “Pinoy Big Voter”, a voter’s education manual made by the PPCRV.

The manual also contains the Church’s social teachings, compilation of various pastoral statements of the Catholic hierarchy on elections, and information about the automated election system.

Henrietta de Villa, PPCRV national chairperson, said the manual is about the power of voters “that is equal in value with the rich and famous…”

“It’s not about size, your size… big or small, XL or XXL. It’s about your importance, your power as a voter,” de Villa said.

“It is only during elections when you exercise your right and responsibility to vote that indeed you are Pinoy Big Voter! Beholden to none but your conscience, your country and your God,” she said.

The PPCRV head added that elections are a vital element in the restoration of politics.

“We see it as imperative to make alive our PPCRV vision of CHAMP – Clean, Honest, Accurate, Meaningful, and Peaceful – elections as a first step towards such restoration,” said de Villa. (CBCPNews)

10 Commandments for Responsible Voting

1. Vote according to the dictates of your conscience.

2. Respect the decision of others in choosing their candidates.

3. Seek to know the moral integrity, capabilities, and other personal qualities of the candidates you will vote for.

4. Strive to understand the issues, platform, and programs of candidates and parties campaigning for your vote.

5. Do not sell your vote.

6. Do not vote for candidates using guns, goons, gold, and glitter.

7. Do not vote for candidates tainted with graft and corruption.

8. Do not vote for candidates simply because of “utang  na loob”, popularity, good looks, or pakikisama.

9. Do not vote for candidates living an immoral life.

10. Always put the welfare of the country as top priority in choosing the candidate you will vote for.

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  1. We thank the for featuring Pinoy Big Voter Manual made by Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan which is used by PPCRV. Pinoy Big Voter Training for Trainers and Voters Education Programs are on-going. For more details, visit our website at

    Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan
    February 20, 2013 at 11:46 am

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