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Train online missionaries, parishes and dioceses urged

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MANILA, July 19, 2012—Organizers of the first Catholic Social Media Summit (CSMS) held last weekend urged youth coordinators in the dioceses to replicate the highly successful event in their respective regions to train young Catholics to be online missionaries.

Legazpi Bishop Joel Baylon of the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Youth called on youth ministries to organize their version of the CSMS in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao so that more young people will be educated on how to use the Internet and Social Media to evangelize others.

The prelate added that a localized version of the CSMS would entice more participants as it will be easier for them to attend because of their proximity to the venue.

“Use the first CSMS as a point of reference, a guidepost in organizing your own version of the CSMS in the regions,” he said.

Baylon said those who want to organize a parochial, diocesan or regional CSMS are invited to coordinate with CSMS organizers in crafting the talks and selecting the summit speakers to make sure that “the spirit of the CSMS is preserved.”

“The spirit should be there to make people aware that cyberspace is a ripe field of harvest for evangelization,” he added.

He also encouraged the participants of the first CSMS to echo what they have learned from the event to their peers in the parishes, schools and Church communities.

“Sana hindi sila maging ningas kugon. I hope the participants will help sustain the awareness and help advocate for Catholic social media so our efforts won’t slowly die,” he added.

Baylon reminded the CSMS participants that however insignificant their photos, videos and quotes about God might appear in the world of social media, it will create impact if there are billions of it liked and shared.

“If God can use a mustard seed to move a mountain, we could too. We should just do our part, however small or insignificant. Sow the seeds, tell stories about God in your posts and blogs,” he said.

The 1st CSMS was organized by YouthPinoy, +Big Movement, CBCP Episcopal Commission on Youth, CBCP Media Office, CBCP Commission on Missions, Catholic Media Network, and Pontifical Missions Societies. (YouthPinoy)

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