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Obedience and renewal: Jesus’ first miracle

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BAGUIO City, Feb. 6, 2013—Although it happened thousands of years ago, Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding of Cana continues to reveal unexplored links between obedience and renewal – in personal and marital relationships and even the Church’s.

The Couples for Christ’s Cana Weekend held last February 2 – 3, focused on the different elements of the Scripture passage describing Jesus’ first miracle, specifically Mary’s words taken from John 2:5, “Do whatever He tells you.”

CFCs, some of whom have been married for 40 years or more, renewed their vows as the Cana Weekend drew to a close.

One of the sessions, “Do Whatever Tells You” given by Jun Uriarte, showed how crucial obedience is to a truly Christian life.

According to him, being completely docile to God’s will is something even devout Catholics need to work on more. “‘Pag nagdadasal tayo, halos sabihin na natin sa Panginoon kung ano ang dapat Niyang gawin (When we pray, we all but tell God what He needs to do),” he added. Uriarte explained how the Cana miracle would not have happened without Mary’s faith and the servers’ obedience.

Joe Tale, one of the members of the CFC international council, gave the third session titled “Empty Jars, Filled to the Brim”, which points to how married life can become tasteless, dry and drained because of serious illness, financial problems, infidelity or children’s personal struggles.

Tale explained how Jesus uses unworthy vessels to work miracles of abundance like the Cana miracle. Tale stressed the need to invite Jesus into marriages and family life.

From blandness to fullness 

Joe Yamamoto gave the last talk for Saturday, “From Water to Wine: The Radical Transformation”, which also featured powerful and moving sharings of 180ᵒ personal transformations from Raymond Bucu, Shok Ariola and Rhea Santos.

In closing, Tale said, Jesus can change our “water” or a bland life into “wine” or life in its fullness, if we participate actively in God’s action in the same way Mary and the servers did. He added, “Our actions must help bring about the manifestation of the love and grace of God.”

Bringing the weekend to a head, Mannix Ocampo gave the last talk, “Witness! God’s Glory Revealed”, which talked about the significance of the Cana miracle as a precursor for Jesus’ works of signs and wonders in his public ministry. In the same way, the Cana miracle points to a renewed vigor as expressed in the New Evangelization. In ending, Ocampo said, “Our lives are our most evangelizing tool!”

The Holy Eucharist concelebrated by CFC spiritual adviser Msgr. Allen Aganon and Fr. Paul Uwemedimo contained a fitting ending to the weekend — a renewal of vows for the thousands of couples who attended, some of whom flew in from China, Indonesia, the Middle East and Africa. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz]

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