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Summit participants vow to use social media for evangelization

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MANILA, July 18, 2012—Participants on the recently concluded 1st Catholic Social Media Summit have promised to apply what they have learned from the summit―to make good use of the social media for evangelization.

Mary Whilssy Candelaria, a volunteer staff of CBCP’s Youth Commission said she will use the social media to glorify the Lord in her blogs and social networking accounts.

“I will also tap the Catholic youth ministry to go to the social media in order to be a cyber soul for the cyber world,” Candelaria said.

On the other hand, John Juat, a University of the Philippines (UP) student said he will tap his friends to use facebook and twitter as a venue for evangelizing and spreading the world to others.

“It will be like my connection to others and like the social networking sites, with one post, you can reach many people,” he said.

He is encouraging others to avoid posting nonsense words or statements.

Meanwhile, Romar Fernando, a Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) student said the statement ‘think before you click and think before you share,’ should lead people to contemplate first before posting any statement or uploading videos that wont be helpful to others.

“I will engage also myself in online evangelization by posting Sunday reflections on facebook where people can get values and apply it to themselves. And everything will start with me so that it will spread to others, and they can imitate and be inspired to do it also,” Fernando said.

The youth participants agreed that they will continue to be online evangelizers of God and will encourage other young people to do the same. (Jandel Posion)

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