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DEATH and the New Evangelization

Teresa R. Tunay, OCDS

…and that’s the truth

DEATH is a sentence for national suicide.   As many may be aware of, DEATH is an acronym that stands for Divorce, Euthanasia, Abortion, Total Population Control, and Homosexual Marriage.  A nation that sees nothing wrong in legislating these things is sowing the seeds of its own extinction.

What do the champions of DEATH have in common?  They deny the cross, they defy Christ.  They refuse to see the meaning of suffering.

“What’s the point of staying married when you no longer love each other? Divorce will make you live happily ever after.”

“Our hearts bleed to see our loved ones suffering so much—therefore, out of mercy, let’s kill them and hasten their trip to heaven.”

“Why let a fertilized egg ruin your future?  It’s just blood clot in your system, a parasite sucking the life out of you!  If you don’t kill it, it will kill you!”

“You are poor because you are overpopulated!  You can have a satisfying sex life without worrying about another mouth to feed.”

“I’m a human being, too, why deprive me of the right to choose whom to marry regardless of race, religion or sex?”

Is a nation lost when its leaders are in the dark?  I’d like to believe that our leaders who are rooting for “modernization” by legislating DEATH are simply suffering a mild and temporary case of insanity.  I’d like to hope that the young people they magnetize will soon outgrow their misguided idealism.  I’d like to think that our national piety—manifested in the millions attending religious festivities, the proliferation of televangelists, the mall chapels overflowing with Mass-goers—will sooner than later bring us to communion with the Living God.

But that will not happen by turning our back on the life-giving power of the cross of Christ.  How far has 450 years of Christianity brought us toward embracing the mystery and wisdom of the cross?  Our hope now hinges on the New Evangelization to spare our country from the tightening grip of secularization.  It has often been said that the Filipinos, the only Christian people in Asia, are “baptized, but not evangelized”.

We have heard the call of Christ, taken steps to follow Him, but have yet to muster the courage to follow Him all the way to the cross.   We need the New Evangelization as it is an invitation to refresh and deepen our friendship with Christ and with one another—and for it to bear fruit, we must humbly admit to our need to be evangelized, beginning with our evangelizers.  And that’s the truth.

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