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Young people gear up for NCR Youth Day for Life

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Young people from 10 ecclesiastical territories of the National Capital Region (NCR) are all set to gather to celebrate the vibrance of the faith among the youth and to deepen their understanding of one of the hottest issues of this generation.

“NCR Youth Day for Life,” a whole-day event which takes place on Sunday, July 22, at the Cardinal Sin Auditorium of Paco Catholic School, aims to gather the leaders of the different parish youth ministries, campus ministries of private and public schools in the region, and transparochial organizations to reflect on the NCR youth’s position on the reproductive health (RH) bill and discuss in depth the consequences of the controversial measure on the lives of the youth.

Themed “Live. Love. Learn”, he event is among the efforts being carried out to promote an authentic culture of life, with a focus on the RH bill, a proposed measure that includes a six-year mandatory sexuality education program in all private and public schools in the country and easy access of children as young as 5th Graders to birth control supplies and services as part of their “rights.”

“The RH bill is just one aspect of the entire pro-life advocacy. The activities are not just about the RH issue,” said Peter Eric Pardo, regional Youth Ministry coordinator for NCR, adding that the more wholistic approach to educating the youth about the culture of life is something the network is keen on pursuing.

“If you noticed, when we promoted the event at the Catholic Social Media Summit, the slogan was ‘Ang kabataan ng NCR ay pro-life,’” Pardo pointed out.

The whole-day gathering will involve the conduct of workshops in the afternoon that “will facilitate better understanding of the RH bill issue and somehow challenge the youth to carry out their own efforts in their own areas,” said Dani Villanueva, diocesan youth coordinator of the Antipolo diocese.
The morning will be devoted to talks titled “RH bill, saan ka nanggaling?” “RH bill, ano ka ba talaga?” and “RH bill, bakit di kita ma-take?” to be given by a stellar lineup of speakers, including Human Life International Pilipinas director Dr. Rene Josef Bullecer, and World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific Renelyn Tan.

A concelebrated Mass is scheduled for 6 pm, followed by fellowship which includes showcasing the talents from the different dioceses.

Pardo said the event may be followed by a series of activities in the respective dioceses of the youth participants as venues to echo the fruits of this July 22 gathering, which is expected to draw hundreds.

“NCR Youth Day for Life” is being organized by the 10 archdioceses, dioceses and apostolic vicariates of the region together with the officers and coordinators of these ecclesiastical territories as its first major assembly of the year. NCR is composed of the Archdiocese of Manila, Dioceses of Parañaque, Pasig, Antipolo, Novaliches, Cubao, Kalookan, Imus and Apostolic Vicariates of Puerto Princesa and Taytay in Palawan.

Villanueva pointed out that the event is an opportunity to take advantage of the fact that the youth from the NCR ecclesiastical territories are situated near the seat of government.

“This movement is actually a good move precisely because we’re located near the [national government offices], media networks, so although the message can be sent from and heard anywhere else, this is a good opportunity since we’re here near the seat of government,” he explained. (CBCP for Life)

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