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Youth leaders, PPCRV form alliance for May elections

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MANILA, Jan. 7, 2013—Youth leaders from dioceses under the National Capital Region gathered yesterday at the Opispado de Cubao Building in Quezon City for a half-day meeting with the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) to tackle youth involvement in the upcoming May 2013 elections.

NCR dioceses youth coordinators and PPCRV chairman Henrietta de Villa brainstormed how to involve the youth in the coming elections and to intensify voter’s education among the young in the dioceses, including in- and out-of-school youth.

Forging an alliance with PPCRV were some 30 leaders who promised to provide volunteers for the National Headquarters to do encoding for parallel counting and man the call center during election period.

“Other than volunteering at the National Headquarters, there would also be series of voter’s education for the youth in order to intensify their involvement in this coming election,” NCR youth coordinator Peter Pardo, said.

“Also as an off shoot to recent events in the country, we the NCR youth leaders too would like to ensure that the youth will take an active role in educating our voters especially the young who, some are first time voters,” Pardo added.

Meanwhile, a series of voter’s education in campuses and parishes will commence on February to be facilitated by NCR youth leaders in coordination with the PPCRV National Office.

Aside from the physical approach, the group will also maximize the use of social media in educating voters.

This initiative are being coordinated by Manila Archdiocesan and Parochial Schools Association (MAPSA) and the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) for the schools and NCR youth region for parishes and dioceses. (Jandel Posion/CBCPNews)

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2 Responses to Youth leaders, PPCRV form alliance for May elections

  1. Considering the current situation of Electoral process, if we continue what PPCRV had been doing, at the least it would only be an “auxiliary” of the govt. doing legworks for their job; and worst be an “accomplice” in lending legitimacy to a so-called “clean-honest-peaceful election” but questionable PCOS-election–dont u believe we swallowed a wholesale scam w PCOS? I for one opted partisan and actively campaigned in the last 2 elections in favor of proLife-proFamily candidates/party, did voters’ education w/ Catholic Catechism perspectives and not just “educating, informing voters” on how to’s and what to’s as regard the conduct of elections which had been the usual self-limiting activity of the PPCRV.
    I think we better turn PPCRV an education arm on “Catholic issues, eg, RH Law, peace n order, poverty, etc” than be an “arm of COMELEC”. Let the govt do its own job, we do ours as “proactive Catholics” especially now that RH Law and the entire culture of death machinery is set for an onslaught against Life, Family and our Church.

    amihan s. lorenzo
    January 7, 2013 at 8:44 pm

  2. You guys are making a big step… go for it and I will support it.

    January 8, 2013 at 9:35 am

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